clipped sentence

clip·ped sen·tence

(klipt sen'tĕns)
A common method of dictating and transcribing in which the subject of a sentence is omitted (e.g., "Presents today for annual exam").
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I expect them to end each clipped sentence with "Goodness gracious me".
Darabont does cleverly employ flashbacks to depict the roots of L.A.'s criminal underbelly while filling his world with hard men who speak in clipped sentences. In that regard, casting Robert Knepper, Milo Ventimiglia and DeMunn among the assorted cops and robbers certainly lends a patina of quality to the proceedings, but can't trump the sluggishness of the presentation.
"While Vreeland provides a wealth of details about Clara's work--up to and including her method of bookkeeping--she dispenses with Clara's entire history in a single paragraph of clipped sentences. ...
In clipped sentences and a painful clarity and eloquence that have the weight of poetic verse, Alice's horrifying story demands to be told.
Bruen writes in short, clipped sentences and liberally sprinkles his novels with references to books, poems, songs - seemingly whatever pops into his head.
In "The Gotthard Railway" the narrator speaks in short, clipped sentences, conveying the personality of an efficient, adventuresome journalist, eager to take a train ride through a tunnel in Switzerland.
In spite of their billboard prose style (clipped sentences, dropped verbs, rocking rhythm), this summer's ads didn't shout "buy it" or even "trust us" but "let's talk." They aimed to break the frame of conventional advertising, making sure that we knew that they knew that we knew that Monsanto is not just offering a public service: "Of course, we are primarily a business.
Speaking in clipped sentences, Veronica insists she has a sense of humor and doesn't blink when asking Ted if it's possible to "weaponize a pumpkin."