clinical study

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clinical trial

A research study involving human subjects designed to answer specific questions about the safety and efficacy of a biomedical intervention (drug, treatment, device), or new ways of using a known drug, treatment or device.
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clinical study

Pharmacology A study designed to measure the safety, efficacy, and appropriate dosage of a new drug or biological; CSs may be placebo-controlled or, less commonly, compared with a 'gold standard' therapy. See Phase I, II, III study.
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• Learn how to make best use of clinical study records to enhance information sharing and facilitate more efficient operations
As a result of this clinical study, 100% of subjects reported an improvement in the brightness of their skin after 60 days.
The clinical study plan has been approved by a central Institutional Review Board (IRB).
The clinical study used the Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test (RAVLT), a standardized, widely used neuropsychological test and one of the most commonly used tests of memory in psy-chopharmacology research.
"The company hopes to provide information about the clinical study in the upcoming weeks and months.
* Reporting preliminary data from the Phase 2 clinical study of IPI-504 in combination with Herceptin(R) (trastuzumab) in patients with HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer;
The clinical study was an open-label study that was designed to evaluate the transition of patients from Duragesic (commercial fentanyl patch) to the TRANSDUR-Sufentanil patch.
The Drug Watch Web site and Clinical Study Results Database are almost certain to impact pharmaceutical products liability litigation by impacting the learned intermediary doctrine.
"The linking of clinical study management with the assessment and measurement system is a really powerful combination," said Dr.
Another funding program is "Targeting Research Gaps." A third program deals with translational research, which brings mature therapeutic concepts from basic science into clinical study in small numbers of patients, usually with a commercial partner.
Results from the first clinical study with an integrase inhibitor were reported at the 14th International AIDS Conference.
Currently, silicone gel-filled breast implants may be available to certain women only through a clinical study conducted under the Investigational Device Exemptions (IDE) regulations or an FDA-approved adjunct study.

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