clinical pharmacologist

clin·i·cal phar·ma·col·o·gist

a pharmacologist who has undergone training in basic pharmacology and clinical pharmacology.
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However, such a medicine has not been developed yet,' added Consultant Physician and Clinical Pharmacologist Dr.
In outlining the functions of a clinical pharmacologist, the World Health Organization technical report series of 1970 [1] mentions as the first obligation "to improve patient care by promoting the safer and more effective use of drugs." The International Union of Basic and CP (IUPHAR) realized that pharmacology had to reach out to the bedside to develop.
For more than 32 years, he has worked as a pediatric clinical pharmacologist, pursuing interdisciplinary, clinical-translational research to study associations among development, disease and pharmacogenomics and their contribution to variability of drug disposition and action.
A well-rounded team should include an overall lead, bioanalytical scientist(s) with LBA (ligand binding assay) as well as LC-MS/MS expertise, pharmacokineticists, drug safety representative (if non-clinical), and a clinical pharmacologist (if clinical).
The Drug Regulatory Authority" should be manned by competent professionals; the clinical pharmacologist is the most important.
Greenblatt, a clinical pharmacologist and Harvard Medical School graduate expected to speak on what a PCP rage looks like.
Prof Allister Vale, clinical pharmacologist from the School of Biosciences at the University of Birmingham, teamed up with colleagues including classics scholars, from the University of Otago in New Zealand, to carry out a thorough review of the evidence and published their findings in the latest edition of the journal Clinical Toxicology.
A clinical pharmacologist specializing in cardiac medicine, Wes retired from Abbott Vascular in Santa Clara, CA in 2011.
Stephen Ankier, a retired clinical pharmacologist who researches Nazi war crimes, became interested in Karkoc's case after his name cropped up as he researched membership of the SS Galician Division.
For example, I am an endocrinologist and clinical pharmacologist (an expert in clinical research).
In summary: Establishment of clinical pharmacology services ensures prioritisation of patient safety with regard to use of medicines; effective prevention and curative strategies; elimination of ambiguity in the utilisation of the services of a clinical pharmacologist in specific circumstances; setting minimum standards and therefore expectations for clinical pharmacology services; training and research; and career progression for those choosing to specialise as clinical pharmacologists.

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