clinical pharmacist

clin·i·cal phar·ma·cist

(klin-i'kăl fahr'mă-sist)
A registered pharmacist trained in clinical aspects of patient care.
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White, an infectious disease clinical pharmacist at OU Medicine; and Dr.
Previously managed drug stores in Marion, was a clinical pharmacist at Memorial Hospital of Carbondale; was executive director and regional VP of NCS HealthCare in CVleveland; owner/president, Health One Pharmacy in Marion; owner, Extreme Sports, Marion and president, UVANTA Pharmacy in Marion.
It would also set minimum standards, such as ensuring one clinical pharmacist for every 100 hospital beds.
"Once you practice with a clinical pharmacist at your fingertips, I can't imagine not having that service."
Cheryl Way, NHS Wales Informatics Service lead clinical pharmacist, said: "This is a further example of how the Choose Pharmacy digital platform can relieve pressure on GP services and support appropriate antibiotic prescribing.
As an inpatient clinical pharmacist specializing in geriatrics, Dr.
LONDON: A Pakistani-British pharmacist has become the first Muslim female and first Pakistani female to be elected to the National Pharmacy Board (NPB) for England for the UK pharmacies' professional body The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS).Nadia Bukhari, who has roots in both Karachi and Lahore, graduated as a pharmacist from the University of London School of Pharmacy and began her career as a community pharmacist after which she moved on to being a clinical pharmacist in a leading London teaching hospital and finally ended up in academia.
Some of the clinical pharmacist's interventions were recommended which includes drug replacement 03 (42.8%), drug discontinuation 03 (42.8%), and frequency changes 01 (14.2%) (Table 11).
Peking University Health Science Center (PUHSC) has always been at the forefront of developing clinical pharmacy professionals and exploring and promoting clinical pharmacist services in China.
"This partnership is allowing us to provide our patients with clinical pharmacist services in the community," says Hae Mi Choe, director and associate dean of pharmacy innovations and partnerships at U-M.
Background: Jones is a clinical pharmacist at Arkansas Children's Hospital and an associate professor at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences' College of Pharmacy.
Run by Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, many patients now see a therapist, clinical pharmacist or advanced nurse practitioner (ANP), freeing up their GP to deal with more complex medical problems.
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