clinical pearl

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1. a smooth lustrous deposit found in certain mollusks, valued as a gem.
2. something resembling this structure, either because of being round and hard or because of being considered valuable.
3. a small medicated granule, or a glass globule with a single dose of volatile medicine, as amyl nitrite.
4. a rounded mass of tough sputum, as seen in the early stages of an attack of asthma.
clinical pearl a short, straightforward piece of clinical advice.
epidermic p's (epithelial p's) rounded concentric masses of epithelial cells found in certain papillomas and epitheliomas.
Laënnec's p's soft casts of the smaller bronchial tubes expectorated in bronchial asthma; see also Curschmann's spirals.

clinical pearl

a short, straightforward piece of clinical advice.
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The president of the Adult Congenital Heart Association introduces this textbook which shares clinical pearls of wisdom on 85 cases of this most common inborn defect.
Other clinical pearls included adjusting the dose of RAS blocker based on estimated GFR and known excretory routes; monitoring the patient's weight daily, especially if there is a change in the RAS blocker or diuretic dose; and more frequently assessing serum potassium and creatinine levels with dose changes or diuretic changes, or with gastrointestinal illness.
Its purpose is not to present a comprehensive review of surgery for chronic ear disease, but rather to emphasize specific surgical techniques and to provide clinical pearls that can help achieve successful surgical outcomes.
Clinical pearls dropped throughout the day are worth just as much as a 5-minute explanation of a patient's entire illness, Dr.
It is in the provision of such clinical pearls that this book excels.
These videos will illustrate, in a step by step fashion the proper techniques to be followed, highlighting clinical pearls from the experts and the most common mistakes to avoid.
The author shares clinical pearls and provides comprehensive explanations on treating specific conditions, including ligament tears and instability, complex fractures, dorsal and volar wrist ganglia, advanced arthritis, and fibrocartilage tears.
Clinical Pearls, presentations from both Williams Obstetrics and Williams Gynecology for study and group viewing, are also available.
The first section outlines approaches to the patient, clinical problem solving, and reading, and the second contains the cases, which consist of a summary, questions and answers, analysis, terminology, the approach to the clinical problem, comprehension questions, and clinical pearls.
Clinical pearls of wisdom; 21 leading therapists offer their key insights.
Each two- or three-page entry comprises a description of the clinical syndrome, a coloured drawing of a typical patient illustrating where the pain is felt, one or more MRI scans and a list of relevant signs and symptoms, investigations, differential diagnoses, treatment options, complications and side-effects and lastly some clinical pearls.
Elewski provided several other clinical pearls regarding onychomycosis:

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