clinical pearl

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1. a smooth lustrous deposit found in certain mollusks, valued as a gem.
2. something resembling this structure, either because of being round and hard or because of being considered valuable.
3. a small medicated granule, or a glass globule with a single dose of volatile medicine, as amyl nitrite.
4. a rounded mass of tough sputum, as seen in the early stages of an attack of asthma.
clinical pearl a short, straightforward piece of clinical advice.
epidermic p's (epithelial p's) rounded concentric masses of epithelial cells found in certain papillomas and epitheliomas.
Laënnec's p's soft casts of the smaller bronchial tubes expectorated in bronchial asthma; see also Curschmann's spirals.

clinical pearl

a short, straightforward piece of clinical advice.
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Haynes shares the fruits of his wide experience, and he has distilled a great deal of complex and rapidly changing information into clinical pearls that we can all put to immediate use.
This book, now in its second edition (first one was printed 20 years ago), uses real-life case scenarios, parts of which are written in movie-script format, followed by clinical pearls.
He uses the style of his lecture material with many boxes of clinical pearls or key points, boldface type, and ECG diagrams.
An entirely different view of the world is seen by clinicians who move knowledge horizontally: journal articles, consultation among providers, the latest treatments, clinical pearls, what diagnostic tests and therapeutic treatments work and which don't.
For the fifth edition of this pediatric infectious diseases medical reference, Fisher, Boyce, and newcomer Correa replace the long reference sections at the end of each chapter with references to a few important papers, add some clinical pearls throughout and chapter-end summaries, add new figures and photographs and drop some of the old tables, and acquire an online presence so the text can be accessed by a number of devices.
At the annual meeting of the Pacific Dermatologic Association, Nicole Fett, MD, provided clinical pearls on how to differentiate between the two conditions.
The author shares clinical pearls and provides comprehensive explanations on treating specific conditions, including ligament tears and instability, complex fractures, dorsal and volar wrist ganglia, advanced arthritis, and fibrocartilage tears.
While I thought myself adequately informed on this material, I admit to putting circles and stars on every page of the book, marking the new fascinating tidbits and clinical pearls.
We are hoping to attract DABCI doctors who hunger for more natural clinical pearls as well as doctors who want to expand their knowledge on treating their patients from "cradle to grave," with a safe, natural approach.
With the promise of clinical pearls from an impressive panel and the opportunity to earn up to nine CET points, the lecture theatre was full to capacity with over 150 attendees.
The president of the Adult Congenital Heart Association introduces this textbook which shares clinical pearls of wisdom on 85 cases of this most common inborn defect.

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