clinical pathway

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care pathway

The sequence of health and social care services a patient in the UK receives after entering the system during a particular episode of care.
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clinical pathway

Critical pathway, treatment pathway Clinical medicine A standardized algorithm of a consensus of the best way to manage a particular condition Modalities used Teletherapy, brachytherapy, hyperthermia and stereotactic radiation. See Oncology, Surgical oncology Medtalk A multidisciplinary set of prescriptions and outcome targets for managing the overall care of a specific type of Pt–from pre-admission to post-discharge for Pts receiving inpatient care; CPs are intended to maintain or improve quality of care and ↓costs for Pts, in particular DRGs.
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clin·i·cal path·way

(klin'i-kăl path'wā)
Standardized interdisplinary care map for a specific diagnosis from the diagnosis-related group. Clinical pathways guide a patient's plan of care through attainment of specific clinical outcomes by the patient from admission to discharge. Benefits for the pathway include increased communication among members of the health care team, standardization of care, documentation and evaluation tools, decreased cost and length of stay, and increased patient and family satisfaction.
See: critical path
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The total number of PD patients with peritonitis presenting through ED in 2011 (12 months prior to the implementation of the clinical pathway) was 34 according to ED diagnosis code, of which 23 had PD-related peritonitis.
While a horizontal job specialisation allows those experts to acquire a deep knowledge within a specific medical discipline, it often renders it impossible for an expert to execute every activity in a clinical pathway. Consequently, clinical pathways are predominantly performed by a network of collaborating medical specialists, all with high levels of autonomy to decide on their working procedures (Vanhaecht 2007).
Effectiveness of a clinical pathway for acute stroke care in a district general hospital: an audit.
All patients admitted with a GCS score of 8-13 and placed in an ICU were placed on the clinical pathway. However, for statistical analysis, a moderate TBI was defined as a trauma patient with a GCS score of 8-13 at 24 hours post admission.
Clinical Pathways Clinical Process Operational Clinical System Objectives Objectives Impact Consistent Delivery * Process * Support for of Quality Care improvements clinical pathways and monitoring initiatives * Best care planning * Best delivery to plans, informed decisions Elimination of Waste * Supplies and materials The value that a clinical system brings to the care-delivery process can in part be quantified by studying the impact of additional process management and monitoring capabilities.
This article describes the interdisciplinary process utilized by a group of rehabilitation professionals at a Veteran's Hospital to integrate interdisciplinary team process and philosophy into the use of clinical pathways. Furthermore, this article outlines the framework utilized to develop the specific pathways, presents clinical pathways for the stroke and traumatic brain injury patients, and discusses successful outcomes of clinical pathways by rehabilitation professionals.
Findings showed a significant difference in variances and outcomes as a result of TURP clinical pathway intervention.
Four of the five studies included in the review showed a significant difference in the length of stay between children cared for using an inpatient clinical pathway and those who were not (see Table 2).
Electronic MAR and TAR integrate with the Care Plan and clinical pathway. System tracks clinical outcomes and best practices and includes 80+ assessments for data collection, and documentation integrates with the MDs Paperless charting, touch-screen ADL worksheets, cordless medication charting, shift reports, and audits are built into the system.
MAY-44, which was acquired by Mayfield in February, will be developed through the 505(b)(2) clinical pathway for the treatment of dyspareunia in pre and post-menopausal women.
The question of inquiry for this QI project was, among acute ischemic stroke patients presenting to the hospital ED, what impact will a multifaceted Translation Research into Practice intervention targeting the evidence-based acute stroke pathway have upon rapid fibrinolytic administration, staff knowledge regarding clinical pathway, and urgency of administration?

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