clinical laboratory technician

clinical laboratory technician/medical laboratory technician-associate degree

a clinical laboratory technician and allied health professional who, under the supervision of a pathologist or other physician, clinical laboratory scientist/medical technologist, or other medical scientist, performs specialized chemical, microscopic, and bacteriological tests of blood, tissue, and fluids. The technician can demonstrate discrimination between similar items and correction of errors by the use of preset strategies, is able to recognize factors that directly affect procedures and results, and monitors quality assurance procedures. Preparation is usually 2 academic years, with the graduate receiving an associate's degree.

clinical laboratory technician/medical laboratory technician-certificate

an allied health professional who, under the supervision of a pathologist or other physician, clinical laboratory scientist/medical technologist, or other medical scientist, performs routine, uncomplicated laboratory tests of blood, tissue, and fluids. Clinical education is usually 12 months, with the graduate receiving a certificate. This certificate is no longer being offered for new students.

clinical laboratory technician

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Contract notice: Occupational medicine, psychological counselling, psychiatry and clinical laboratory technician services for the medical department in Ispra
The police collect effective evidence to find the criminals, whereas a clinical laboratory technician collects abnormal indices to find the cause of a disease.
Having become a currently certified clinical laboratory technician with a bachelor's degree from an accredited college that includes a minimum number of hours in the sciences and four years of documented work experience as a clinical laboratory technician, acceptable to the State Education Department.
Differing analyses of the shortage and the necessity of clinical laboratory science and clinical laboratory technician education, certification, and licensure make a unified response challenging.
Clinical laboratory technician to clinical laboratory scientists articulation and distance education.
Generalist certifications through NCA lead to the Clinical Laboratory Scientist [CLS (NCA)] and Clinical Laboratory Technician [CLT (NCA)] credentials.
If the number of clinical laboratory technicians is insufficient, hospital administrators should increase hiring accordingly.
In addition to the occupations in the chart, others that are projected to add many jobs in hospitals between 2012 and 2022 include radiologic technologists, maids and housekeeping cleaners, pharmacists, respiratory therapists, and medical and clinical laboratory technicians.
The long-term trend toward more employment in health care is expected to continue, with many health care occupations, including medical records and health information technicians, registered nurses, clinical laboratory technicians, and physical therapists, expected to grow.
provides a textbook for clinical laboratory technicians and beginning clinical laboratory science students on theory, practice, and clinical applications in immunology and serology.
Health technologists, licensed practical nurses, clinical laboratory technicians, nurses aides, registered nurses and dental assistants had among the highest rates of hospitalization for mental disorders in one study of 130 job classifications.
This book serves as a guide for research biologists, public health workers, physicians, veterinarians, clinical laboratory technicians, and others concerned about human and animal health and the safety of food, drinking water, and recreational water.

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