clinical laboratory scientist

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clinical laboratory scientist/medical technologist (CLS/MT)

an allied health professional who, in conjunction with pathologists or other physicians or medical scientists, performs specialized chemical, microscopic, and bacteriological tests of blood, tissue, and fluids. In addition to possessing the skills of clinical laboratory technicians/medical laboratory technicians, clinical laboratory scientists/medical technologists perform complex analyses, fine-line discrimination, and error correction. They have knowledge of physiological conditions affecting test results so they can develop data that may be used by a physician in determining the presence, extent, and, as far as possible, cause of a disease. They are held accountable for accurate results, establish and monitor quality assurance programs, and modify procedures as necessary. Preparation includes a baccalaureate degree and at least 1 year of professional/clinical education. Also called clinical laboratory scientist.
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There is enough experiential data to support the need for the clinical laboratory scientist to involve a collaborative multidisciplinary group to identify the training objectives and goals.
As a vital member of the healthcare team, these women clinical laboratory scientists played an important role in quality patient care.
remain with employer because they need to) for the working clinical laboratory scientists who responded.
This series of articles will help clinical laboratory scientists become more facile with using contemporary information retrieval techniques and tools.
With the lack of real experience (indicating competence) that clinical laboratory scientists or cytotechnologists, for instance, might have to demonstrate to become eligible to sit for the entry-level molecular biology certification exam, quite possibly one year of on-the-job training within a molecular diagnostics laboratory or graduating from a molecular diagnostics training program might suffice for eligibility to sit for the specialist examination in molecular biology.
Still other participants found that they enjoyed one aspect of management such as education or test cost analysis and wish to explore these avenues either as clinical laboratory scientists or by furthering their education.
Sunderman's commitment to his work and to life will remain an inspiration to all clinical laboratory scientists who attempt to follow in his footsteps.
Some 17% of respondents were certified as Clinical Laboratory Scientists, and 13% as Medical Laboratory Scientists.
Eleven clinical laboratory scientists received international travel grants to attend the 2003 Annual Meeting & Clinical Laboratory Exposition in Philadelphia, PA.
As stated in the editor's preface, the book is intended for a wide variety of readers, including medical laboratory technicians and technologists, medical students, residents in pathology and internal medicine, clinical laboratory scientists, pathologists, and other physicians.
Clinical laboratory scientists, researchers, microbiologists, and epidemiologists would benefit from using MRSA daily frequency data and logistic modeling to make informed decisions about MRSA trends.

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