clinical judgment

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the ability to make logical, rational decisions and decide whether a given action is right or wrong.
clinical judgment the process by which the nurse decides on data to be collected about a client, makes an interpretation of the data, arrives at a nursing diagnosis, and identifies appropriate nursing actions; this involves problem solving, decision making, and critical thinking.
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clin·i·cal judg·ment

(klin'i-kăl jŭj'mĕnt)
Cognitive or thinking process used for analyzing data, deriving diagnoses, deciding on interventions, and evaluating care.
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85% of patients were assessed for stroke based on clinical judgment while 3% of patients were risk stratified for stroke using the CHA2DS2 VASC, and also, in the great majority of the NVAF patients, i.e., 96%, bleeding risk was assessed using clinical judgment fewer than 5%.
Critical thinking and Clinical Judgment. In, Critical thinking and reasoning in the health sciences: a teaching anthology.
However, little evidence exists about whether scores are influenced by factors that are not relevant to the demonstration of clinical judgment, such as simulation participants' racial/ethnic backgrounds.
The new depression screening recommendation from USPSTF updates the 2009 recommendation, which recommended universal screening if "staff-assisted depression care supports" were in place, and targeted screening based on clinical judgment and patient preference if such support were unavailable.
The questioning of an optometrist's clinical judgment should be undertaken by an individual of at least equal qualification.
The typical position of biomedical practitioners is to believe that the origins of clinical judgment are logical and include scientific reasoning.
"Obstetricians exercising their best clinical judgment delivered both twins by cesarean section in nearly 40% of the women assigned to planned vaginal delivery, which undoubtedly contributed to the salutary outcomes," he said, noting that the results nonetheless suggest that "a plan to deliver appropriately selected sets of twins vaginally is a reasonably safe choice in skilled hands."
The capacity to recognize early signs of deterioration in a patient's condition would be one feature of safe clinical judgment (Hardin & Kaplow, 2005).
When we consider mood disorders, John Cade's discovery of lithium is another example of serendipity and a good measure of clinical judgment involving a handful of patients.
In fifteen chapters, contributors discuss the history of nursing, framework, nursing philosophy, ethics, social context, education and socialization, career management and care of the professional self, healthcare delivery and the nurses role, critical thinking and clinical judgment, evidence-based professional nursing practice, law, patient education, informatics and technology, and the future.

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