drug use review

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drug use re·view

(drŭg yūs rĕ-vyū')
An authorized, structured, ongoing program that collects, analyzes, and interprets drug use patterns to improve the quality of drug use and patient outcomes.
Synonym(s): clinical drug trial, drug use evaluation, drug utilization review.
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A clinical drug trial will be starting in early 2020 using rifampicin, an antibiotic that is also an effective treatment for itch outside pregnancy and improves removal of bile acids from the bloodstream.
"This summer we announced the launch of the first Motor Neurone Disease clinical drug trial in Scotland in over 20 years.
A CLINICAL drug trial is being hailed as a "historic moment in the fightback against motor neurone disease in Scotland".
Companies typically require at least one Phase III clinical drug trial to gain approval for a new indication, with costs for a single trial approaching $300 million in some cases.
Over the past five years, the DIAN Trials Unit (TU) has been working on a clinical drug trial aimed at preventing the symptoms of Alzheimer's by removing plaques from the brain before the nerve cells deteriorate and the symptoms appear.
Evelyn started a clinical drug trial at the end of last year in a bid to destroy any chance of the cancer returning.
John Moreton, from Barry, is taking part in a clinical drug trial. He is pictured with his wife Pat
A 30 percent reduction in mortality risk - this is one of the impressive results achieved in a global clinical drug trial for the treatment of prostate cancer.
Coupled with this, researchers have announced the start of a major international PS8m clinical drug trial which could benefit patients with the condition.
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