clinical cytogenetics

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that branch of genetics devoted to the cellular constituents concerned in heredity, i.e., the chromosomes.
clinical cytogenetics the branch of cytogenetics concerned with relations between chromosomal abnormalities and pathologic conditions.
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Address for Correspondence: Alan Lennon, PhD, FACMG, Director, Clinical Cytogenetics, Pathgroup, Inc., 658 Grassmere Park, Suite 101, Nashville, TN 37211, 615-562-9477,
The cutoff values used to define positivity were as follows: 7.6% for uIgH, 2.8% for IgH/CCND1-XT, 1.0% for IgH/FGFR3, 1.3% for IgH/MAF, 4.6% for del(13q/RB1), 6.2% for del(17p13/TP53), and 2.2% for gain of 1q21/CKS1B, which were used in clinical cytogenetics laboratory, with exception of the 2.2% for gain of 1q21/CKS1B.
Currently the scientific disciplines within pathology are: cellular science, clinical biochemistry, clinical cytogenetics, clinical embryology, clinical immunology, clinical microbiology, haematology, histocompatobility and immunogenetics, molecular genetics, toxicology, transfusion medicine and virology.
She completed a clinical cytogenetics fellowship at the Mayo Clinic and is board certified in both anatomic pathology (American Board of Pathology) and in clinical cytogenetics (American Board of Medical Genetics).
PhD, RACMG), is board certified in clinical cytogenetics and clinical molecular genetics and directs the Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics Laboratories at Kaiser Permanente Northwest-Portland Her PhD in molecular and medical genetics was granted by Oregon Health and Science University, and she completed her post-graduate training in cytogenetics and molecular genetics at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

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