clinical crown

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1. the topmost part of an organ or structure, e.g., the top of the head.
anatomical crown the upper, enamel-covered part of a tooth.
 Anatomical and clinical crowns, demonstrating that the former are independent of the state of surrounding tissues while the latter depend on the height of the surrounding gingiva. From Dorland's, 2000.
artificial crown a metal, porcelain, or plastic reproduction of a crown affixed to the remaining natural structure of a tooth.
clinical crown that portion of a tooth visible above the gingiva.
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clin·i·cal crown

that part of the crown of a tooth visible in the oral cavity.
Synonym(s): corona clinica
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clin·i·cal crown

(klin'i-kăl krown)
That portion of the anatomic crown of a tooth that is covered with enamel and visible in the oral cavity.
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clin·i·cal crown

(klin'i-kăl krown)
Part of tooth crown visible in oral cavity.
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Occlusal Reduction: Reducing clinical crown length by occlusal reduction of extruded teeth is a valid approach to improving the crown-to-root ratio.
In all the above cases the decision was made to perform surgical extrusion for clinical crown lengthening and endodontic treatment after 2 months with subsequent crown placement.
Oral examination revealed smooth enamel hypoplasia, a skeletal open occlusal relationship, a dental midline discrepancy, short clinical crowns, occlusal wear, and aesthetic disharmonies (Figure 1).
Additional factors that might influence the ideal smile are ethnicity, personality, size, and position of teeth and clinical crowns, or simply the perception of what is "ideal" by a specific group or population.1
Short clinical crowns prove to be the foremost contraindication to the use of attachments in the construction of RPDs.
Surgical crown lengthening has been proposed as a means of facilitating restorative procedures and preventing periodontal injuries in teeth with structurally inadequate clinical crowns or exposing tooth structure in the presence of deep, subgingival pathologies which may hamper the access for proper restorative measures.
At about the same time, a gingivectomy technique to increase the clinical crown length for esthetic improvement of orthodontic results in specific situations was reported.
They hemisected the clinical crowns of the third and fourth maxillary premolars (P3, P4) and they removed the entire crowns as well as the distal root [20].
Scenario 2: After the scaling and root planning procedure, the dentist has legally delegated to you, an expanded functions dental assistant, the tasks of polishing the clinical crowns of teeth and applying fluoride varnish before dismissing the patient.
The morphology of the clinical crowns of the two incisors present and the absence of spacing between the incisors and canines indicated the congenitally missing central incisors.
The prosthodontic evaluation revealed a dental midline discrepancy, short clinical crowns complicated with extensive dental caries, malalignment of the anterior teeth, and occlusal and aesthetic disharmonies.

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