clinical clerkship

clin·i·cal clerk·ship

(klin'i-kăl klĕrk'ship)
Situation in which someone works for and under supervision of a more experienced dentist.
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The education at private medical schools usually focuses on passing national licensure examinations, and spend less time in clinical clerkship.
Kitts, and serving a clinical clerkship at McLaren Oakland Hospital in Pontiac, MI.
Exploring the transition of undergraduate medical students into a clinical clerkship using organizational socialization theory Med Educ 2016; 5:78.
Following this, there will be no restrictions on the duration of clerkship/elective experience for KMC students seeking long-term clinical clerkship placements in the state of New York.
Overall perception of the students about their clinical clerkship experience was positive.
The British Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS) has previously highlighted the difficulties in delivering urology teaching in the context of the changes summarised in the GMC document "Tomorrow's doctors." This revealed the paradigm shift in the undergraduate medical curricula towards student selected projects and primary care placements.7,8 Malde and colleagues reported that 26.6% of UK medical students in their study group had no undergraduate urology attachment throughout their clinical clerkship. Moreover, 30.5% completed a compulsory attachment, however this lasted for 1 week only.9 Granular data on the formal pre-clinical teaching allocated to urology across different UK medical schools is limited and therefore it is difficult to draw accurate comparisons.
during her clinical clerkship. She said the connection between ob.gyn.
The effect of clinical clerkship on students' attitudes toward psychiatry in Karachi, Pakistan.
This survey, known as the Graduating Student Questionnaire, asks students to state whether "faculty members provided me with sufficient feedback on my performance" during third year core clinical clerkship rotations using a standard, Likert-type rating scale.
Nursing Degree at Universitat Jaume I (UJI) (Spain) has recently implemented a program of clinical supervision through which coordinated actions among lecturers and clinical nurses that protect students during clinical clerkship. This program, called Reference Nurse Program (RefN Program), has recruited 200 nurses in an environment of three departments of Health, with 3 public hospitals, 2 private hospitals and 23 primary care centers during the first year of implementation.
That would be so much more attainable, Patel said, if Texas - like New York, California, Florida and several other states - allowed AUC students to spend their third and fourth years in a clinical clerkship at a state hospital.

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