clinical burden

clin·i·cal bur·den

a burden that differs from genetic burden mainly in the added component of morbidity; a trait that is neither a clinical or a genetic lethal may be grossly disabling.
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Katherine Battle, a doctoral student at the University of Oxford, received the Scopus Young Researcher UK Award in Medicine, following her work which mapped the global clinical burden of Plasmodium vivax malaria, a neglected species of the disease.
The pathogenesis of erosive hand OA remains poorly understood, despite its high clinical burden, the researchers noted.
Identifying modifiable risk factors for cataracts may help establish preventive measures and reduce the financial, as well as clinical burden, caused by the disease.
Identifying modifiable risk factors for cataracts may help establish preventive measures and reduce the financial as well as clinical burden caused by the disease," Ye said.
Despite this significant clinical burden, there is a general lack of objective evidence to guide wound management," Dr.
Global clinical burden of malaria (how many people become ill because of malaria and where they live) is required to direct resources where it will have most impact.
Cellulitis is responsible for 184,000 hospital admissions and 1,300 deaths in the United States each year, so the clinical burden from these conditions is considerable, Dr.
Globally, the annual death rate from RSV is estimated at more than 160,000 and the clinical burden of RSV infection is comparable to that of influenza.
With the addition of bone mineral density at the spine, this study represents a new and better measure of the clinical burden of osteoporosis and low bone mass as defined by NOF," said Robert Recker, M.
Anti-coagulation is challenging in patients with prosthetic heart valves, where non-monitored oral anti-coagulation therapies are not indicated, and where a safe and effective alternative to warfarin would address an important clinical burden," commented Lord Ajay Kakkar, Professor of Surgery, University College London, England.
The clinical burden of cardiovascular disease is large and will continue to grow over the coming decades.
Professor of Medicine and Microbiology, and Director, Division of Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, said, "Autoimmune diseases represent the third-greatest clinical burden after cardiovascular disease and cancer, and currently have no cure.

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