clinical attachment loss

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clin·i·cal at·tach·ment loss

(klin'i-kăl ă-tach'mĕnt laws)
The extent of periodontal support that has been destroyed around a tooth.

clin·i·cal at·tach·ment loss

(klin'i-kăl ă-tach'mĕnt laws)
Extent of lost periodontal support about a tooth.
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A case-control study published in 2005 used probing depths and clinical attachment loss to define periodontal disease.
7) The researchers used clinical attachment loss as the indicator of periodontal disease.
There was no statistically significant difference in frequency of smokers, diabetics, alcohol, Percentage and number of sites with probing depth > 5mm and clinical attachment loss > 4mm, gestational weeks and birth weight in case and control group.
8 and clinical attachment loss > 4mm Number of sites with probing depth > 5mm and 9 8 clinical attachment loss > 4mm Table 2: Mean and standard deviation of birth weight (g) and number of gestational weeks in control and case groups Variables Case Group Control Group Gestational weeks 37.
probing depths, bleeding points, suppuration, mucogingival defects, recession, clinical attachment loss, mobility)

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