clinical anatomy

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the science dealing with the form and structure of living organisms.
Examples of specialty areas of anatomy and physiology. From Applegate, 2000.
clinical anatomy anatomy as applied to clinical practice.
comparative anatomy description and comparison of the form and structure of different animals.
developmental anatomy the field of embryology concerned with the changes that cells, tissues, organs, and the body as a whole undergo from a germ cell of each parent to the resulting offspring; it includes both prenatal and postnatal development.
gross anatomy (macroscopic anatomy) that dealing with structures visible with the unaided eye.
microscopic anatomy histology.
morbid anatomy (pathologic anatomy) anatomy of diseased tissues.
radiologic anatomy x-ray anatomy.
special anatomy anatomy devoted to study of particular organs or parts.
topographic anatomy that devoted to determination of relative positions of various body parts.
x-ray anatomy study of organs and tissues based on their visualization by x-rays in both living and dead bodies.

clin·i·cal a·nat·o·my

the practical application of anatomic knowledge to clinical problem-solving, e.g., to diagnosis and treatment or in devising a surgical solution.
Synonym(s): applied anatomy (1)

clin·i·cal a·nat·o·my

(klin'i-kăl ă-nat'ŏ-mē)
The practical application of anatomic knowledge to diagnosis and treatment.
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Veterinarians and veterinary technicians from the US offer 22 chapters that describe clinical anatomy and physiology in veterinary medicine.
Peter Abrahams, professor of clinical anatomy, said: "This plastinated heart is the next best thing to examining a living organ.
The surgical therapy is then described, also in the form of a bulleted list, with clinical anatomy, operative steps, positioning, and each step of the surgery outlined and accompanied by the clinical photos.
But Warwick Medical School's chairman of clinical anatomy, Professor Peter Abrahams, said the specimens were essential for anatomy teaching.
She rose to become an assistant professor of clinical anatomy, with appointments in the departments of surgery and cell biology.
Keywords: thoracic zygapophysial joints, palpation, clinical anatomy.
of Minnesota) explain clinical anatomy to lawyers, to help them deal with legal matters involving medical issues.
The topics include assessment and guidelines for primary care referral, cytopathology, the role of nuclear medicine, clinical anatomy and developmental aberrations, an overview of the management of thyroid cancer, and the pathological spectrum and management of parathyroid disease.
ANKARA, Aug 30, 2009 (TUR) -- 10th Congress of the European Association of Clinical Anatomy Meeting will take place in Istanbul, Turkey on September 2-5, 2009.
While the premise in clinical texts is that this muscle is easily accessible, the clinical anatomy of popliteus highlights that palpation is not as straightforward as often depicted.
In the computer room, students were divided into pairs for each computer, and used the software Netter's Clinical Anatomy Atlas, which they were taught how to manipulate.
16 Clinical Anatomy, Developmental Aberrations and Endocrinology (Malcolm H.

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