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A diagram showing the effect of climate on health.
[G. klima, climate, + graphō, to record]
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Moreover, based on Dommarton Climograph it was identified that five months of the year (June, July, August, September, and October) were frequently dry months, three months (May, November, and February) were semi-arid while December, January, and April were sub-humid months.
Key words: Arctic, Alaska, biome, vegetation, climate, climatic transition zones, classification, discriminant analysis, fires, climographs, boreal forest, coastal rain forest, alpine tundra, shrublands, Arctic tundra, ecotone
Climographs, plots of mean monthly T versus P for a specific vegetation class, partially explain this result.
Key words: Arctic hydrology, surface temperature, precipitation, Arctic, climographs, boreal forest, coastal rain forest, Alaska
We also used selected climographs to show the sensitivity of species-specific ranges to modeled differences of mean monthly temperature and precipitation.
Use climographs to learn more about the climate of selected biomes.
To get a snapshot of a biome's climate, scientists create climographs, or graphs that show the area's average precipitation and temperature for every month of the year.
Use the data to create climographs. Then, answer the questions to figure out which biome these data represent.</p> <pre> Climate Data Average Rainfall Average Temperature Month (Millimeters) (Celsius) January 249