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Home of the UK's highest outdoor man-made climbing wall and Yorkshire's tallest indoor lead wall, ROKT Climbing Centre is hoping to encourage new people to learn the ropes.
Mr Thomson first became enraptured with hillwalking and climbing after he finished serving in the Royal Navy in 1946 with the Fleet Air Arm as an air mechanic electrician.
Now, after successfully completing the trio, Robbie is celebrating achieving his rock climbing dream.
Austin Howell, a 31-year-old who died Sunday while climbing without ropes in North Carolina, is being remembered for his love and passion for climbing.
She was forced to quit because the slopes were too avalanche prone and climbing higher would have been too dangerous.
Climbing Areca nut tree is considered essential for spraying pesticides in the rainy season and for plucking (harvesting crop) at the end of the year.
Ten-year-old Anna Fraser's interest in climbing began six years ago in her weekly swimming trips to the PEAK sports centre, Stirling, where she eyed the passing climbers with envy.
Luke Smith, 30, has been climbing for years and turned his attentions to turning pro after an eye injury stopped him competing in Muay Thai, in which he previously won championships.
Rising 230 metres from the sunbaked Wimmera plains in the west of Victoria, Mt Arapiles is best known as Australia's premier rock climbing destination.
'I had to take it off again to be light for climbing.'
One of the kingdom's popular indoor active entertainment centres has launched an introductory climbing course to encourage people to take up the sport, to help them reach new heights with ease as well as find a fun new way to get fit, stay healthy and strong.
WATCH: French Spiderman' Alain Robert arrested after climbing Makati building !-- -- Rosette Adel ( - January 29, 2019 - 4:49pm MANILA, Philippines Urban climber Alain Robert dubbed as the "French Spiderman" was arrested by the Makati City police on Tuesday after he climbed a building in the city.