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The study of climate.
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As an illustration, we challenge all readers to find the answer to a simple climatology question: what fraction of the time does it rain or snow at your location (by opposition to how many days per year)?
October is typically the third-wettest month for Texas, but instead last month was the ninth-driest October statewide since 1895, according to the Drought Monitor report issued weekly by a consortium of state and federal climatology experts.
No doubt they are expert in their own field of work but it is highly unlikely that they are expert in climatology which is a very specialised field of research.
Percent of average sunshine was authorized during the Fourth Session [Stockholm 1965] of the WMO Commission for Climatology and recorded in the General Summary of the Report-WMO NO.
He is also engaged in various studies concerning marine geochemisty and polar climatology.
The World Meteorological Organization's Commission for Climatology analyzed statistics, observations and recorded data from 1932 to the present.
Integrating research findings from the fields of geology, climatology, evolutionary biology, archeology, paleo-anthropology, demography, economics, and the social sciences, the author explores interrelationships between earth history, evolution, population growth, disease, agricultural productivity, urban planning, mining, manufacturing, industry, consumption, energy use, and climate change.
The climate change challenge is real and every social, economic and environmental sector will be affected, said the head of the United Nations weather agency at the opening of a climatology meeting in Antalya, Turkey, that is focusing on improving climate products and services.
The paper appeared online 24 Aug 2009 ahead of print in the International Journal of Climatology.
He earned international acclaim for his work on meterology and climatology and their impact on crop production.
The geography and climatologist lecturer won the prize on the basis of his international reputation for his research into historical climatology - how the weather has changed over histor y.
The research is published today in the International Journal of Climatology.