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The study of climate.
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To investigate whether a combination of meteorologic conditions was changing and thus facilitating the resurgence of malaria, we also categorized months as suitable for Plasmodium falciparum transmission if they had a mean monthly temperature exceeding 15[degrees]C (since temperatures experienced by the indoor resting Anopheles gambiae vectors are likely to be 3[degrees]C-5[degrees]C higher) and monthly rainfall totals exceeding 152 mm (1,4) by using the gridded climatology data.
The reversal, according to Robert Balling, director of the Arizona State Laboratory of Climatology, can be linked to a sudden upsurge in golf-course construction that occurred at the same time.
Time Series Analysis in Meteorology and Climatology provides an accessible overview of this notoriously difficult subject.
5 earthquake struck off Southwestern Yogyakarta in Java island at noon Saturday, the Indonesian Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency said.
0 earthquake hit the waters off East Aceh District, Aceh Province, on Wednesday morning but it caused no tsunami, according to the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG).
American Society of Thermalism And Climatology Will Present Results at Thermal Fair of the Americas and Recommends the International Use of Hydropinotherapy to Lower Crime Rates
The Meteorology, Geophysics and Climatology Agency recorded the quake's epicenter was at 7.
30 kilometers, according to the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency.
of Manchester, UK) introduces about 100 key concepts of physical geography, including those related to biogeography, ecology, climatology, meteorology, geomorphology, hydrology, and pedology.
The geography and climatologist lecturer won the prize on the basis of his international reputation for his research into historical climatology - how the weather has changed over histor y.
The climatology contingent from the Planetary Society must be rolling in the aisles even as its past demigod emeritus, Carl Sagan, is spinning in his grave.
We cannot use that information for the climatology record," Maker said.