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The study of climate.
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Results obtained here seem to be good enough because Turkey has geographically and climatologically diverse zones, meaning that the range of distribution of SD over the country is not homogeneous.
You can't look forward without looking back." Dr Wheeler said that the period his team is researching is important climatologically because it pre-dates the emergence of greenhouses gases in the atmosphere.
Climatologically, the Northern Territory and the Kimberley meet the criteria for occurrence of Red Sprites.
Approaches to this problem must be flexible, especially given the highly uncertain climate ahead, financially as well as climatologically. Capital-intensive, large-scale water projects have had highly variable performance, often failing to return the benefits projected for them, and this has been the case even under more predictable financial and hydrologic conditions than those that lie ahead.
In its outlook for the weather up to early August, it said: "Climatologically this is the warmest part of the year, but this year a protracted spell of hot, sunny weather looks unlikely.
In its outlook for the weather for the next six to 30 days up to early August, the Met Office said: "Climatologically this is the warmest part of the year, but this year a protracted spell of hot, sunny weather looks very unlikely.
India is a vast country with varied hydrogeological situations resulting from diversified geological, climatologically and topographic settings.
"We've seen two climatologically unusual droughts in the last few years" says Oliver Phillips, a tropical ecologist at the University of Leeds in England.
Climatologically information for this location during the experimental year is summarized in Table 1.
Biological climate is a complex climatologically conditions which with other factors of some areas affects to the existence, development, reproduction and migration of living organisms (1).
where H is the monthly average daily global solar radiation falling on a horizontal surface at a particular location, H 0 the monthly mean daily radiation on a horizontal surface in the absence of atmosphere, n the monthly mean daily number of observed sunshine hours, N the monthly mean value of day length at a particular location and "a", "b" the climatologically determined regression constant.
Similarly, Las Vegas boasts a climatologically advantageous setup for flying (read: it has sunny weather), but its airport needs to boost connectivity to Asia immediately, and to Latin America soon (as several jurisdictions in Central and South America serve as prime next-generation candidates for global integrated casino resort expansion, and for online gaming expansion).