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The study of climate.
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The climatological files were scanned to locate problems of missing data before any runs of the model were performed.
Data on a suite of 22 physiographic and climatological variables were collected from literature sources for each of 215 counties which survived the culling procedure (Ward et al., 1990).
By considering the full spectrum of wind field variability around the climatological mean, we have developed a more flexible model to capture wind hazard impacts both for probabilistic risk estimation and in real time.
Some studies have addressed the weakness of static climatological parameters [6], while others have attempted to replace the old climatology with new "real-time" weekly or monthly GVF into land surface and/or NWP models [10-14].
In fact, Analiza Solis of the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (Pagasa) Climatological and Agrometeorological division said sea surface temperatures in the Pacific Ocean remains 'neutral.'
* Climatological variables were found to be significantly correlated with the number of dengue cases.
That will, in turn, tell how pollutants move across the Earth's surface, their residence time in certain areas, and the impact of other climatological factors, and will reveal more about how all of these different particulate forms interact.
Rainfall for the month was recorded at 43.2mm, which is 15percent below the 30-year climatological normal for the city.
They influence the local climatological characteristics of atmospheric variables downstream as well (e.g., NAO influence on European climate: Hurrell 1995; Wunsch 1999, or ENSO on United States climate) via their impact on well-known Northern Hemispheric teleconnection patterns (e.g., Wallace and Gutzler 1981; Namais 1982; Blackmon et al.
The notion that most medieval Arabs shared a wacky climatological explanation for racial differences is even sillier.
At present, there is significant debate between nearly equal numbers of the scientific community on at least two key points: first, whether results of climatological studies that imply global warming is occurring are true and based on sound data, and second, if global warming is occurring and the data are accurate, whether or not this warming is largely due to human industry.
Marine stratocumulus clouds, says Albrecht, "are probably the most important low-level clouds in a climatological sense because of their large aerial extent and their persistent nature." Floating above the ocean surface, they often form sheet-like "decks" spreading over large areas.