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The study of climate.
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Dutcher (University of Nebraska - Lincoln) for assembling the climatological dataset.
The authors considered the correlation of dengue incidence with the following climatological variables: precipitation (mm), mean temperature ([degrees]C), maximum temperature, minimum temperature, and evaporation (mm).
There have been a few recent studies that discuss the climatological characteristics of snowfalls in NWMO (e.
The notion that most medieval Arabs shared a wacky climatological explanation for racial differences is even sillier.
The dependence of the Texas water budget upon climatological parameters was examined by a simple annual accounting in which runoff, lake evaporation, municipal-and-industrial water use, power generation and forced evaporation were expressed as specific functions of temperature and precipitation, and the remaining water budget components related proportionately.
At present, there is significant debate between nearly equal numbers of the scientific community on at least two key points: first, whether results of climatological studies that imply global warming is occurring are true and based on sound data, and second, if global warming is occurring and the data are accurate, whether or not this warming is largely due to human industry.
Marine stratocumulus clouds, says Albrecht, "are probably the most important low-level clouds in a climatological sense because of their large aerial extent and their persistent nature.
S02 emissions reductions over a broad area for a long time period may provide essentially proportionate reductions in acid deposition, if all other climatological inputs are held constant.
Trading groups, power producers and energy traders around the globe use TempRisk for a climatological edge in their investments.
To burden matters further the high pressure core was, throughout, identifiable along the 30oS latitude (the climatological norm) while ensuring a zonal flow (west to east) more in keeping with an ENSO synoptic pattern.
The study was published in the journal Transactions of the American Clinical and Climatological Association.
It couldn't be natural climatological evolution could it?