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The study of climate.
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Climatologic CIG conditions (in hundreds of feet) are represented with a gamma distribution With parameters [alpha] = 2.
Sustained, long-term research is needed to characterize the reservoir of the virus and mechanisms for animal-to-animal, animal-to-human, and human-to-human transmission; clarify climatologic and other environmental factors linked to transmission; and define viral epitopes potentially linked to virulence and transmission.
To analyze the lagged relationships and the relative climatologic significance of different times of year, the data were grouped into seasons.
Regional demographic, climatologic, and cultural differences may influence the types of medication prescribed and purchased.
was a geologic and climatologic recipe for extreme acid mine drainage," Plumlee says.
The percentage of epidemic transmission that occurred in a given week, for instance, the 28th week of the years 1978-1997, provides the climatologic probability of epidemic SLEV transmission for that week.
A system, as in the usage "ecosystem" has been defined in the biologic and climatologic literatures as interlinked flows of energy, momentum, and matter (5,6).
However, how environmental variables interact is unclear and remains the subject of extensive climatologic research.
We estimated the temperature and RH of supply air with both hourly local climatologic data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (28) and Boston center urban data from Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection-Div A (29).
The geographic and climatologic situation in Argentina is favorable because most of the country has a temperate climate.
A series of composite indices have therefore been developed such as human discomfort indices (10), heat budgets (11), and synoptic climatologic classifications (12).
However, it may not be used outside our study period and location, because it is dependent on composition of automobile fleet and climatologic conditions.