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The study of climate.
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From a climatologic perspective, the decline in the mean monthly water vapor content in the Earth's atmosphere, based on the Clausius-Clapeyron equation, is exponential in nature.
3: The change in the daily temperature values for the climatologic months between the current condition and the future change up to year 2050; for Eastern Nile Basin.
Those anomalous contour conditions were obtained through the monthly mean of global wind stress fields resulting from the difference between the results of two experiments which were carried out using the National Center of Atmospheric Research (NCAR) atmospheric general circulation model Community Climate Model (CCM 3.0), the climatologic (control experiment) and another one with a perturbed condition originated from a SST analytical anomaly, overlapping the field of the mean SST, both experiments being integrated for three years.
The climatologic aspects were obtained from the reanalysis data from the North Atlantic Oscillation (NOOA-NCEP/NCAR), followed by an analysis of the mean pressure field deviations of 1000 hPa (fig.
Hence, long-term accurate observations of global SD become very important and necessary for climatologic and some other applications [1, 6, 7, 11-13].
However, including unforeseeable accidents, disasters without precedent, or unpredictable climatologic events within the ambit of the law via the defence of necessity allows for the normative processing of situations that are a priori ignored by legal regimes.
Since the 1970s, attention has been paid to climatologic factors in urban processes.
Furthermore, due to cultural, social, educational and climatologic aspects, the incidence and recurrence of lower limb lesions among diabetic patients is high, reaching around 50 percent.
Several of the more comprehensive presentations are at least implicitly ecological in orientation, as they divide attention among the climatologic and human histories of the region and the use, not only of medicinal plants, but also of flora and fauna in diet, manufacture and other applications (Anderson and Jack, 2002; Bodeker, 1999).
At the outer open ocean boundaries a storm surge model (NOAMOD) is used for the water levels together with tides, climatologic salinity and temperature data.