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the general meteorological conditions prevailing in a given area.
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Patient discussion about climate

Q. If you are an asthmatic, is it better to live in a cold climate or hot climate?

A. Well, I'm not a doctor and I guess you should consult one cause each patient can get allergic asthma from different things but as an asthmatic I can tell you it's not necessarily has to do with cold/warm tough humidity and haziness are definitely important factors for some of us. I tend to get more attacks in places with these factors and in my country, the city which is considered with the "best air" for asthmatics has a dry and cold weather...

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He identified that major factors leading to climatic challenges for
Due to this, studies on urban climatic information for urban planning purposes were triggered.
Climatic changes, the reduction of precipitation and increases of precipitation variability, are remarkably affecting the whole aboveground net primary production of the area, in particular the vegetation at arid and semi-arid sites i.e.
Monthly precipitation will be close to the climatic norm (12-23mm) and a little below the norm in some places.
He also thanked OJA for honoring media professionals and journalists who participated in the media coverage of the climatic conditions that affected the Governorates of Dhofar and Al Wusta.
The farming of cherries always needs a moderate temperature and this year, with the help of good climatic conditions, the quality of the fruit, including colour and size of the cherry, has brought a sense of satisfaction and joy to the growers.
Muscat: The Council of Ministers yesterday issued a statement about the adverse climatic conditions that prevailed over the governorates of Dhofar and Al Wusta.
The Council of Ministers on Tuesday issued a statement about the adverse climatic conditions that prevailed over the governorates of Dhofar and Al Wusta and prompt actions taken by the relevant authorities.
Furthermore, to neutralize this deadly threat, developing an early warning system predicting dengue outbreaks in relation with climatic changes may represent a new approach.
In 1966, he moved to Asheville to become a National Climatic Center (NCC) project leader, working on projects such as the NASA launch vehicle climatic analyses, the U.S.
Based on these changes, it can be noted that both water and climatic changes are interconnected and change in one induces change in another directly and indirectly.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Deputy Head of the Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Company (IOEC), Rahim Tabrizi, said on Sunday that installation of the platform for phase 21 of South Pars gas field will be possible once climatic conditions are ripe and by September 21, two platforms of phases 10 and 19B of South Pars will be installed by IOEC.

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