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Drug slang A regional term for PCP
Alternative—fringe medicine An exercise in polarity therapy intended to loosen the chest and shoulders, expand the lungs, stretch the vertebral column, and release pelvic tension
Vox populi A moment of extreme—Hollywood-esque—tension
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It was up to his editor, David Zucchino, with Bowden's help, to aggressively trim the book into 29 cliffhanging stories for newspaper and Web versions of "Black Hawk Down."
The payoff for all this pork and political cliffhanging was not "free trade" but the exalted goal of a more secure investment climate for U.S.
And there's no Dan Rather to declare a cliffhanging contest "tight as a tick." For newspaper Web sites, the game lies in quickly serving up a wealth of information tailored equally to the political junkie curious about a faraway governorship and to the suburbanite tracking a bond referendum that might produce a new high school.
The first chapter--the first!--ends with this cliffhanging description of Murdoch's father Keith: "He was also a generous and discerning patron of the arts." Such resume-dumping typifies Shawcross's "prose" style, as well as his ham-listed sense of structure.
Only in the last few years have researchers discovered the cliffhanging natural mysteries of Ontario's Niagara Escarpment.
Gorman and the others tried zealously to promote the Bakuriani/MIG threat in the closing weeks of the campaign but couldn't get it off the ground, since Reagan's top advisers were not keen on a cliffhanging crisis disrupting the pre-election Presidential image of sweet reason.
And there is nothing inspired by a cliffhanging ibex that favours wheel articulation and ground clearance with body roll as the death tax to be paid for this extra ability a la Land Cruiser Prado.
These cliffhanging questions leave the audience wanting.
Not to be outdone are other important aspects of production such as storytelling, design, pacing, cliffhanging, writing (such crisp dialog), over-all direction.
Camp on the edge of a cliffHanging 50ft above the sea with only a camp bed separating you from the waves crashing below is probably the most extreme night's sleep you'll ever have - if you can conquer your fear of heights, fear of falling, fear of climbing, fear of abseiling, and fear of needing to go to the loo in the middle of the night.
The thriller based on adventures in computer gaming worlds is becoming a new genre all of its own--Erebosby Ursula Posnanski, and Patrick Ness's More Than This are two excellent examples --and Dashner does not disappoint with sharp, punchy chapters, each with their own cliffhanging climaxes.
And several of those successes came courtesy of a cliffhanging last instalment of the sort which beckons tonight.