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the term most often used as a synonym for a patient who receives health care in an ambulatory care setting, especially when health maintenance rather than illness care is the primary service provided. Sometimes this term is preferred to denote a collaborative relationship rather than a hierarchical one.
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A program that makes a service request of another program, usually running on a server, which then fulfills the request. Web browsers are clients that request HTML files from web servers.
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Psychology Patient Any person who is voluntarily or involuntarily receiving mental health services or substance abuse services from any mental health service provider
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A patron or customer; one who receives a professional service from another; one who seeks or receives advice or therapy from a health care professional.
Compare: patient
[L. cliens, protégé, dependent]
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Patient discussion about client

Q. I ask a client's Dr. to script flexaril for a lower back spasm and he made it for a drug called zanaflex? I am unfamiliar with zanaflex, what is the difference between it and flexaril 25mg? Benefits? Risks? I got him to order the air mattress and extended bed because client is 6'3" and is already bedridden on my 1st day..try to beat the skin breakdown, already stage I decubitis ulcers. I tried to talk the client into slideboard and lift away arm wheelchair...noway..he wants to walk bent with a rolling walker. He already had a lift chair delivered, so he just goes from bed to lift chair. He refuses to let me bathe him. He can't see, and he has me check his draw up on insulin to make sure it's right. He sends the P.T. man right back out the door after he signs the sheet. Difficult pt.!

A. Flexeril and Zanaflex are different drugs but are both muscle relaxants. There are hardly any differences between the two, clinically wise. If the doctor thought one is better than the other for your client I would suggest you take his advice and use the one he gave you.

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In this context, consultants and psychologists get deliberate satisfaction of clientele or their caretaker before any psychological interventions and in the case about couples or member of a family as a witness of one of them do not testify against the other.
Ainsi, serait-il d'une grande importance comme gerer le message a adresser a la clientele pour cibler un marche quelconque.
And at GMHC, the GLBT community makes up a large part of our volunteer base and clientele. Of the more than 15,000 clients we provide services to, approximately two thirds are from the GLBT community.
By offering sales services to our clientele, we have an opportunity to broaden the ways in which we can serve you and the industry as a whole.
The manner in which she executes her work is another feature that builds up repeat clientele. It is evident in an average work week where hands-on time ranges from 18 to 22 hours; however, Brousseau says she works a 40-hour week once assessments are performed, followup questions are answered and the education components are factored in.
companies are doing more and more international business, smaller firms will have to improve their capacity to support the needs of their growing international clientele. AICPA members, especially small practices, can rely on the Institute's nationwide resources for the education, technical publications and other resources they need.
I'd aimed at attracting a slightly classier clientele but only seem to be attracting old men in big coats requesting my extra large baps.
Clientele Self-Service Portal from Epicor helps meet the demands of today's customers by providing access to information and answers to their questions at their convenience.
"With our proximity to major corporations, along with the autumn 2003 opening of the new Tokaido Shinkansen (bullet train) station, the hotel expects to see large numbers of both domestic and international business clientele," says the Strings spokesperson.
BANINTER's clientele consists of Dominican small individual account holders and small and medium-size businesses, not to mention, of course, the corporate costumers whom the bank also services.
Epicor Software Corporation, a provider of integrated enterprise, e-business and collaborative commerce software solutions for midmarket companies, recently announced the immediate availability of Clientele Customer Support 8.0.