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Etymology: ME, clenchen
the clamping and pressing of the jaws and teeth together in centric occlusion, frequently associated with acute nervous tension or physical effort, such as pushing or lifting a heavy object or performing a difficult task. See also bruxism.


1. Forcible, repeated contraction of the jaw muscles with the teeth in contact. This causes pulsating, bilateral contractions of the temporalis and pterygomasseteric muscles. It may be done consciously, subconsciously while awake, or during sleep. See: bruxism
2. Tightly closing the fist.


Nonfunctional tooth clamping in centric occlusion.

clenching (klen´ching),

n the nonfunctional, forceful intermittent application of the mandibular teeth against the maxillary teeth. It can become habitual and cause damage to the periodontium.
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Clench misappropriated funds from the sale of the lands of other First Nations as well and actions against him became known as the Clench Defalcation Claim, which was the subject of investigation from 1847 to 1854.
Caption: An electric eel's high-voltage bursts take control of the nervous system of nearby prey and make muscles twitch and clench.
John Loach, parts and service training manager, IM Group, and IM Award winners Sekou Bamba, Annie-Mai Goode, Ashley Clench, Liam Stanners, Jamie Brook and Brandon Lowe from Grace Academy Solihull.
As you clench and release one last time your orgasmic contractions will start to kick in and because you've delayed it, your orgasm will go on and on.
He said yesterday: "People who clench their teeth have a large build-up of these molecules in their bodies.
If you're feeling adventurous by the fresh fruit and veg, he suggests the Trolley Bum Clench.
Significant benefits also include less cost, reduced size, washabilty under specified temperatures, shorter standard lead length and round leads for improved cut and clench performance.
EDINBURGH taxi drivers are being taught to clench their buttocks in a bid to improve their image.
John Wayne would clench his teeth and fire fresh bursts of .
Worried pupils grind their molars, clench their mouths, chew pencils and bite their nails while sitting GCSEs and A levels - causing gum disease and jaw problems.
Worried pupils grind their molars, clench their mouths, chew pencils and bite their nails while sitting Standard Grades and Highers - causing gum disease and jaw problems.