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The gadflies and horseflies; a genus of biting flies, some species of which transmit surra, infectious equine anemia, anthrax, and other diseases.
[L. a gadfly]
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horse fly

Any of numerous large biting tabanid flies, the females of which feed on the blood of various mammals.
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Some of Fiennes' admirers, particularly those who think The English Patient was to the 1990s what Clark Gable's Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind meant to an earlier generation, can't understand why the star would want to play a grungy figure like Dennis Cleg (or the psychotic serial killer in Red Dragon, for that matter).
Horseflies, also commonly known as clegs, have razor-sharp jaws and can inflict a very painful bite.
Horseflies, also known as clegs, have razor sharp jaws and can inflict a very painful bite.
Appendix IV: Medical acarology and entomology: horse flies, clegs, deer flies, pp.
The flashbacks revolve around the brutal killing of Dessie Gillespie, to which Taco confesses towards the close: I still hear the wheeps of curlews, the buzz of bluebottles or clegs and then a minute's silence, more or less, before I shot him through his dicky heart.