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A heavy knife for cutting or chopping.
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Cleaver was one of three thugs who left Devere Ogungboro with a collapsed lung in front of horrified shoppers.
IN PACIFIC THUNDER, author Thomas McKelvey Cleaver covers the trail blazed by the US Navy through the Central Pacific, proving that an old dog can learn plenty of new tricks.
Engine products company Compressor Engineering Corporation (CECO) & CECO Pipeline Services revealed on Tuesday the appointment of Heath Cleaver as its chief financial officer.
Cleaver is the ranking Democrat on the Financial Services' Housing and Insurance Subcommittee.
When he returned later that day he was dressed in black and carrying a 10-inch bladed cleaver, Caernarfon Crown Court heard.
of assaulting the victim with a cleaver and causing him a 10 per cent permanent disability in his arm.
Sage means wise, learned, perceptive and that's the type of strategic communications insights, service and experience we believe we offer our clients," Cleaver says.
Lunn, 30, of Croft Road, Nuneaton, who hit Cleaver with a bottle during the incident, was given a ninemonth jail term suspended for two years, with a rehabilitation activity and a curfew for four months.
Cylance called this series of attacks "Operation Cleaver" as the word cleaver frequently appeared in the attackers' malicious code.
We knew that once we started raising the crop, we would have a lot more power to market if we came together [in a co-op]," explains Travis Cleaver, a farmer-member of Kentucky Groundbreakers.
LOCAL GOVERNMENT (MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS) (NI) ORDER 1985 ARTICLE 3 SCHEDULE 1 LICENSING OF PLACES OF ENTERTAINMENT NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR THE RENEWAL OF AN ENTERTAINMENT LICENCE Notice is hereby given pursuant to the provisions of paragraph 5 (3) of the above schedule that an application for the renewal of an Entertainment licence for ROBINSON & CLEAVER, CLEAVER HOUSE, DONEGALL SQUARE NORTH, BELFAST BT1 5GA, was lodged with Belfast City Council on 1st December 2014.
A man who attacked his neighbour and the neighbour's child with a meat cleaver, leaving them with permanent disabilities, has had his jail sentence reduced from five years to three.