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A fixed anchorage, usually metal, embedded in the acrylic resin base of an orthodontic retainer or soldered to an arch wire. An elastic device is attached during tooth movement.

cleat (klēt),

n a fixed point of anchorage, usually in the form of a metal spur or loop embedded in the acrylic resin base of a Hawley retainer or soldered onto an arch wire, to which a rubber dam elastic or other device is attached during orthodontic tooth movement.

cleat, cleave

claw of any cloven-footed animal.
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Ellis is the only leading manufacturer in the global electrical industry that focuses solely on cable cleats.
Our focal point will be to make sure we are doing everything we can do to educate the players on what the right cleat is for them.
Three cheers for the Cleats," the Rockettes replied.
Milking stand materials list 2 - 1" x 8" x 42" floor boards 2 - 1" x 4" x 15" cleats 1 - 1" x 8" x 32" seat 2 - 1" x 4" x 16" legs Stanchion 2 - 1" x 6" x 46" stanchion 2 - 1" x 4" x 14" upper cleat 2 - 1" x 4" x 14" bottom cleat 1 - 3/4" x 14" x 14" plywood for feed pan holder Hardware 2 - 5" heavy strap hinges for floor 2 - 4" T-hinges for legs 2 - 4" strap hinges for stanchion 2 - 3" strap hinges for feed pan holder 1 eye hook with 2 screw eyes for stanchion and stand 1 eye hook for feed pan holder
For the ice cleat process, DSCC requirements were obtained to ensure that the investment in redesigning and prototyping would be returned to them by way of reduced cost, lead time or improved value.
99 FOR FOOTBALL, BASEBALL, SOFTBALL, AND LACROSSE CLEATS Make quick, confident cuts and never lose a step even on uneven surfaces
The Mizuno Heist IQ is a completely new cleat in the Mizuno baseball line-up.
The machine can be chained to the Cleat if conditions warrant.
Unfortunately, it's not just a question of installing any old cleat.
Cameron McLean had a difficult race in sprint three and was 14th with Thunder's Calum Cleat getting fifth while in a nail-biting sprint four, Thunder's Phil Simpson led much of the way with Tigers' Craig Brock close behind in second.
The vehicles are driven over the "tactical wheeled vehicle diagnostic cleat," which is like a rubber-jacketed speed bump equipped with sensors called triaxial accelerometers.
Options include variable-speed drive, custom cleat height and spacing, soft drop zones, custom discharge chutes and hoppers.