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A company providing billing services for providers and insurance companies.
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In addition, the Clearinghouse provides accurate FERPA-compliant verifications to student loan providers, employers, student credit issuers, student health insurance providers, the U.
This is a critical role that will help the Clearinghouse align all of our higher education resources and activities, yielding greater efficiencies and service improvements for our participating institutions.
What if a clearinghouse were to face multiple clearing member
Equally problematic is the fact that, while the clearinghouse and its participants can net wins and losses to reduce risk for those inside the clearinghouse, the clearinghouse does not assuredly eliminate the basic risk facing the entire financial system.
The clearinghouse encourages users of this e-pub to duplicate and distribute as many copies as desired.
It is intended to assist health plans, providers, and clearinghouses to establish appropriate safeguards for assuring the integrity and confidentiality of this information.
Unlike the United States, where financial EDI debits and credit may be exchanged via the clearinghouse network, the Canadian financial EDI infrastructure supports credit payments only.
The clearinghouse is a "one-stop" resource for technical information on scenic byways programs.
The Justice Statistics Clearinghouse, which distributes Bureau of Justice Statistics publications and offers document database searches, information packages, and referrals regarding crime and criminal justice statistical data
The AICPA Resource Clearinghouse on Women and Family Issues in the Accounting Workplace discusses the topics covered, tells how to request materials and describes the committee's mission.
Also since 1987, depositories designed to limit settlement risks have begun to immobilize certain mortgage-backed securities and commercial paper, and a clearinghouse has begun multilateral netting of transactions in U.
The number of securities fraud class actions filed in 2006 was the lowest ever recorded in a calendar year since the adoption of the Public Securities Litigation Reform Act (PSLRA) of 1995, notes the Securities Class Action Filings 2006 Year in Review report released today by the Stanford Law School Securities Class Action Clearinghouse, a joint project between Stanford Law School and Cornerstone Research.

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