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A company providing billing services for providers and insurance companies.
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A $50,000 grant from the Allstate Foundation created a landmark disaster preparedness resource called the Catastrophe Readiness Clearinghouse, which was unveiled earlier this month at the Middle Country Public Library on Long Island.
Clearinghouse CDFI plans to leverage the investment from CommerceWest Bank to help finance loans for community facilities, affordable housing projects, commercial real estate, and small business projects throughout Southern California.
The Clearinghouse name and brand will be a cornerstone and eventually strengthened with new products, services, and offerings.
The Justice Clearinghouse offers different plans, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, based on agency size.
Regulation was one of the first to criticize such thinking in an article by University of Houston finance professor Craig Pirrong ("The Clearinghouse Cure," Winter 2008-2009).
Why a clearinghouse would likely be subject to the Orderly
The clearinghouse protects itself by getting an up-front deposit from the bank (in case the bank fails in, say, 2015), and by monitoring the bank's total "book" with the clearinghouse.
The clearinghouse is the end result of an action identified in the Te Rito New Zealand Family Violence Prevention Strategy.
If you are thinking about changing claims management vendors or clearinghouses, you might want to evaluate prospective candidates in light of the new HIPAA regulations.
Department of Defense mission in humanitarian demining, the MAIC agreed to lend its support (under the auspices of DSCA) to three of the six issues: managing mine action information; creation of a spatial data clearinghouse for mine action; and information standards.
The National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse collects resource information on kidney and urologic diseases for the Combined Health Information Database (CHID).
They may comply by receiving transactions at a designated clearinghouse, which then legitimately converts them to the plan's internal format.

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