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An agent, used in histologic preparations, miscible in both dehydrating or fixing fluids and the embedding substance.
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The question how to live had hardly begun to grow a little clearer to him, when a new, insoluble question presented itself--death.
We won't speak of it, my dear- I'll tell him everything; but one thing I beg of you, consider me your friend and if you want help, advice, or simply to open your heart to someone- not now, but when your mind is clearer think of me
And the course is all the clearer from there being no salary in question to put my persistence in an equivocal light.
We cannot put it into words, perhaps, for it is something mystic and strange, something that takes us nearer fairyland and makes us see that land of dreams with clearer eyes.
For let me tell you, Socrates, that when a man thinks himself to be near death, fears and cares enter into his mind which he never had before; the tales of a world below and the punishment which is exacted there of deeds done here were once a laughing matter to him, but now he is tormented with the thought that they may be true: either from the weakness of age, or because he is now drawing nearer to that other place, he has a clearer view of these things; suspicions and alarms crowd thickly upon him, and he begins to reflect and consider what wrongs he has done to others.
Containing much clearer matters; but which flowed from the same fountain with those in the preceding chapter.
Loepfe has established itself in the field of optical yarn clearers with pioneering achievements.
ELEVEN landmine clearers have been kidnapped by gunmen in western Afghanistan, an official said.
Part 1 - Mowing grass, weeds and odkrzaczanie and clearers in the provincial road No.
Clearnet to stay out of a group of clearers which already work together.
The new yarn clearers and additional features like nep cluster channel, off-standard bobbin detection, and improved foreign matter detection, enable a 100% online quality control in the spinning mill.