clearance time

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clear·ance time

(klēr'ăns tīm)
Temporal duration from ingestion until food is cleared from the oral cavity; influenced by consistency and quantity of saliva; by action of tongue, lips, and cheeks; and by consistency of food.
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Also, directives were issued to resolve clearance time limits as well.
Patients who were treated by IVB injection and those who were followed without IVB therapy were compared in terms of VA change and final VA, VH clearance time, rate of early PRP application and rate of surgical intervention.
The Egyptian Customs Authority seeksto complete linking its systems with the relevant authorities concerned with international trade, such as the Egyptian Tax Authority, the Central Bank of Egypt and air cargo companies, which reduces clearance time, thus lowering import costs.
In addition, we computed the parasite clearance time, defined as the interval between the start of treatment and the first of 2 sequential negative peripheral blood films (14).
Workshop participants developed three basic measures to assist TIM practitioners in evaluating their performance during incidents: roadway clearance time, incident clearance time, and number of secondary crashes.
The MOA further states a customs clearance time of 24 hours from arrival at CMEC or SMED for time-sensitive mail like the Express Mail Service, 48 hours for registered mail and small packets, and 72 hours for air parcels, and surface mail except for items tagged for further examination.
The clearance time for psoriasis ranged from 5 - 7 weeks (mean 60.89 weeks).
SACCHARINE TEST: The nasal mucociliary clearance time is measured by saccharine clearance test method.
Objective: To determine the effect of Tamsulosin, as adjunctive medical therapy after Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy for renal stones on rate of stone clearance, clearance time, pain intensity during stone clearance, steinstrasse formation and auxiliary surgical intervention required.
The primary outcome was evaluated by assessing the median fever alleviation time and clearance time, and the secondary outcome was total scores of all influenza symptoms on each visit time.
Consequently, the phagocytosis of nanoparticles is diminished and their clearance time is prolonged when modified with PEG [20].
aACoeAs a result, it will further reduce delays associated with cross-border trade and enable us to attain our goal of 48-hour cargo clearance time at the ports,aACA[yen] Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala was quoted as saying at the inauguration of the trade portal.