clear liquid diet

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clear liq·uid di·et

a diet, often used postoperatively, consisting usually of water, tea, coffee, gelatin preparations, and clear soups or broth.
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One mental barrier to a colonoscopy is the colon prep, which involves following a clear liquid diet the day before the exam and taking laxatives that expel the contents of your intestines so that the doctor has a clear view of the intestinal walls during the colonoscopy.
It began on a Monday morning starting with a clear liquid diet and continued until the actual screening on Friday morning.
He was maintained on his subcutaneous insulin regimen and was started on a clear liquid diet, which he tolerated.
The patient was started on intravenous (IV) ondansetron, pantoprazole, ketorolac (as needed), maintenance IV fluids, and a clear liquid diet. At sixty hours after ingestion, an esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) was performed which revealed blistering and edema of the soft palate (Figure 1) and epiglottis (Figure 2), diffuse and circumferential erythema of the entire esophagus with an exudate likely to be desquamated mucosa (Figures 3(a) and 3(b)), and linear erythema of the body and fundus of the stomach (Figure 4).