clear cell hidradenoma

clear cell hi·drad·e·no·ma

a tumor derived from eccrine sweat glands, composed of glycogen-rich clear cells.
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Clear cell hidradenoma: a mimic of metastatic clear cell tumors.
There is no site predilection.2 It is subdivided into two types: apocrine (clear cell hidradenoma) and eccrine (poroid) differentiation.3 Clear cell hidradenoma is the most common type.
(1,4) MNH has been described in the literature using various nomenclature, including clear cell hidradenocarcinoma, malignant clear cell myoepithelioma, malignant clear cell hidradenoma, clear cell eccrine carcinoma, and malignant clear cell acrospiroma.
Nodular hidradenoma, also known as clear cell hidradenoma or acrospiroma is a benign rare skin tumour arising from the eccrine type of sweat glands.1,2 They can arise anywhere in the body but usually involve the trunk, extremities and head.2,3 It usually presents as a slow growing, solitary palpable nodule.
There even may be keratinizing cells with formation of squamous horn pearls particularly in clear cell hidradenoma. (10)
Clear cell hidradenoma and pilomatricoma were commonest benign tumors and sebaceous carcinoma was the only malignant tumor seen.
Clear cell hidradenoma: Report of three cases with widespread metastases.
Pathologically, it should be differentiated from tubular apocrine adenoma, syringocystadenoma papilliferum and clear cell hidradenoma.4 Absence of attachment to overlying epidermis and infiltration of lymphocyte and plasma cell in stromal can differentiate hidradenoma papilliferum from syringocystadenoma papilliferum.
(32) A subset of Warthin tumors (so-called metaplastic variant of Warthin tumor) and clear cell hidradenoma of the skin and breast also harbor the CRTC1-MAML2 gene fusion.
Hidradenoma may have variable histomorphological patterns reflected by the various terms used to describe this entity: nodular hidradenoma, eccrine acrospiroma, solid-cystic hidradenoma, clear cell hidradenoma, and clear cell acrospiroma.
Metastatic RCC presents as one or multiple nodules of large polygonal clear cells in a nested arrangement, which may appear deceptively bland and be mistaken for clear cell hidradenoma. Metastatic RCC may have associated prominent chicken wire vasculature with hemorrhage, which would not be expected in clear cell hidradenoma.
DISCUSSION: Nodular hidradenoma (NH) is also known as eccrine acrospiroma, clear cell hidradenoma and solid cystic hidradenoma.

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