cleansing cream

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cleans·ing cream

a form of cold cream used to remove grime and cosmetics from the skin.
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I applied cleansing cream on her and cleaned her skin ...
ANY hair type can use co-wash, but Sacha Mitic, co-founder of Sachajuan hair care, says: "the Sachajuan Hair Cleansing Cream has more advantages the more damaged the hair is."
It's short for "conditioner washing." Wash hair with a cleansing cream only-instead of your normal duo-to remove oils from hair's surface while keeping natural sebum within the strand.
From THE CLEANSER CLARINS EXTRA COMFORT ANTI-POLLUTION CLEANSING CREAM PS25 This extra comforting skin care from Clarins has anti-pollution benefits.
Sachajuan Cleansing Cream, PS28, is applied to wet hair like conditioner - it doesn't lather - then rinsed.
Right: almond nutrifying skin food, Iraya, ` 495; left: facial cleansing cream, Ananda @ The Kirana Shop, ` 900
Product testing has shown that Tena Cleansing Cream, which provides specialized preventative skin care for elderly residents, is over five times more moisturizing than a leading no-rinse cleanser and seven times more moisturizing than soap and water.
The brand's new Sulfate-Free Cleansing Cream Shampoo and Hydrating Cream Conditioner are already on trend to be top-five items for the brand.
The product is billed as a unique, all-in-one cleansing cream that replaces shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner and detangler.
A cleansing cream and scrub follows that exfoliates the skin on your face and shoulders.