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den·tal pro·phy·lax·is

a series of procedures whereby calculus, stain, and other accretions are removed from the crowns and roots of the teeth, and the enamel surfaces are polished.
Synonym(s): cleaning
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den·tal proph·y·lax·is

(den'tăl prō'fi-lak'sis)
Procedures whereby calculus, stains, and other accretions are removed from the crowns and roots of the teeth and the enamel surfaces are polished.
Synonym(s): cleaning.
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A. Excellent tips :)
In the meantime everything is fine.

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That is roughly the time it takes to crate and ship the mold to an outside vendor and is the number-one reason why many cleanings are first attempted in-house.
I have spent hundreds of hours chipping and cleaning manifolds of 16- to 48-cavity molds with various types of manifold systems.
The attraction of cleaning a flash-encapsulated system in-house rather than sending it out is the expectation of faster turnaround and lower cost.
Having an outside vendor handle the cleaning job also shifts the burden of accountability onto that firm's shoulders.
If you have to stop and order parts, or send parts out for repair in the middle of a cleaning, then all your hustle has been for nothing because you now face a week-long turnaround.
Stepping away from the pack is Scottsdale, AZ-based cleaning service Arizona Cleaning, which has launched a new Website as part of a comprehensive Internet marketing campaign designed by Prospect Genius, a leader in local online advertising.
Now that Arizona Cleaning has embarked on developing a strong Web presence, it will be better able to advertise its house cleaning offerings to Web-savvy homeowners in Scottsdale and the surrounding area.
Arizona Cleaning's new Prospect Genius-designed Website and affiliated online advertising campaign will help area residents learn more about the company and the cleaning services it offers.
“Our overall hope is that people in Scottsdale who are searching the Web for residential cleaning services will encounter Arizona Cleaning's Website and will take the business's quality workmanship and low prices into account when selecting a cleaning service,” states Matt Gallo, a Web marketing expert at Prospect Genius.