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Medical liability adjective Referring to a physician without any lawsuits, past or pending
Pathology adjective Pertaining or referring to an organ or tissue lacking pathologic findings—e.g., ‘clean’ coronary arteries and aorta are typically seen at autopsy in persons dying with terminal cancer or alcoholism
Sports medicine—body-building noun The lifting of a weighted barbell from the floor to shoulder in one motion
Substance abuse adjective Drug-free when examined and urine tested
Vox populi adjective Free of dirt or pollution
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adjective Free of dirt or pollution Medical liability Referring to a malpractice 'virgin,' ie a physician without any lawsuits, past or present Substance abuse Drug-free when examined
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Q. How can I "allergy proof" the house? My nephew will be coming to stay with me for a couple of months and he is highly allergic. How can I allergy proof the house so he'll be protected?

A. Excellent tips :)
In the meantime everything is fine.

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Therefore, if those driving the agenda constantly take opportunity of every space offered them to be visible in their engagements with the communities and demonstrate focus, in my view, your vision, our shared vision of an 'Accra as the cleanest City in Africa in a 'Ghana Beyond Aid'' era, can be achieved.
the According to the figures the council passed to the Government, we haven't been procuring the cleanest vehicles.
CLEANEST SAFEST AND GREENEST AWARD - Officials from the environment authorities led by ASec.
Andrew Littlefair, president and CEO of Clean Energy Fuels, said, 'By pairing the cleanest fuel available with the cleanest engine technology, ZERO NOW provides heavy duty truck fleets with a true zero-emissions solution that can be easily and economically adopted today.
"So next time you need to go - remember that the middle cubicle is the least frequented - and will therefore contain the lowest bacteria levels and be the cleanest."
This year, Indore in Madhya Pradesh was declared the cleanest city in India and Gonda in Uttar Pradesh the filthiest.
Dhankuta was declared the 'cleanest city' in the country, bagging the top spot worth NRs.
Denmark topped the list as the world's cleanest country, followed by Finland while Sweden came third, Transparency International said.
"I want Britain's beaches, seas and lakes to have the cleanest water in the world.
The cleanest air in Bulgaria is at Rozhen peak in the Rhodope mountains, while the cities Plovdiv and Varna have the most polluted air.The main cause of air pollution in Bulgaria are the fine dust particles, said the head of the Air Monitoring Department in the State Environment Agency, Valeri Serafimov.The data of the automated measuring stations show that the most dusty areas in Sofia are the Druzhba residential area (101 days with pollution above the norm) and the Orlov Most intersection (100 days).
With an ambitious goal to make Dubai the cleanest city in the world by 2020, the Dubai Municipality has begun a massive door-to-door awareness campaign on waste management.
Travel Business Review-August 12, 2013--Ryanair named the 'cleanest airline' but produces as much C02 as Cyprus(C)2013] ENPublishing -