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A sharp, slender, usually curved nail on the toe of an animal.
[L. clavus, a nail]
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1. A sharp, curved, horny structure at the end of a toe of a vertebrate animal.
a. A chela or similar pincerlike structure on the end of a limb of a crustacean or arachnid.
b. One of one or more small curved structures at the tip of an appendage of an invertebrate, especially an insect or other arthropod.
c. A limb terminating in such a structure.
tr. & intr.v. clawed, clawing, claws
To scratch, dig, tear, or pull with the claws or fingernails.

clawed adj.
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But van Hemmen discovered that young African clawed frogs aren't skilled yet at this method.
Contrary to popular belief, clawed lobsters are not natural cannibals, but will resort to cannibalism under certain circumstances.
When the benefit was introduced, the federal government and most provinces and territories agreed that increases in federal money could be clawed back from welfare families and spent on other programs for children.
* Weasels: Members of the weasel family leave tracks with five clawed toes both on the front and rear.
More than 90% of a breeding colony of clawed frogs (Xenopus tropicalis) imported to the United States from western Africa died in an epizootic of chlamydiosis.
For diet choice experiment 2, the crabs were provided with 3 small ribbed mussels (between 40 mm and 45 mm) and either 3 acorn barnacles (Balanus spp.) or 3 pieces of polychaete worms (Amphitrite ornata) for 48 h during both the 1- and 2 clawed treatments.