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A popular term for the ‘duties’ imposed by the Canadian government on a physician’s annual fees that are in excess of a certain amount of money
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While it seems counterintuitive and inequitable to assert claims against any defrauded investor, the theory underlying clawback actions is that money received by those investors came from other defrauded investors, and all investors should be on equal ground.
In addition to identifying the potential scenarios and major enterprise risks that would seriously harm the company, the board should determine whether it would be appropriate to expand compensation policies to allow for clawbacks in situations such as a significant product recall, product malfunction, or data breach.
Simple executive action could eliminate many mandates that haven't yet been implemented, like the CEO pay ratio disclosure, pay versus performance disclosure, clawbacks, and limits on incentive-compensation at financial institutions.
Sixteen Democratic Senators are calling on federal regulators to strengthen and finalize a proposed "clawback" rule in light of the Wells Fargo (WFC) fake-accounts scandal.
Clawback provisions were put in place or strengthened at all the top U.S.
The survey documents the effect of two relatively recent trends: direct and indirect remuneration (DIR) fees imposed on community pharmacies, and increased costs for patients at the pharmacy counter through co-pay clawback fees.
A clawback provision concerns companies that have errors in their financial statements.
Holmes said the clawbacks are mostly used in agreements involving the Quick Action fund because other incentives, such as tax breaks, are performance-based and only realized when a company actually creates jobs.
Section 304(a), relates to accounting restatements a company issues as a result of "misconduct." This section requires the CEO and chief financial officer (CFO) to reimburse any bonus, incentive-based and equity-based compensation received--payments known as "clawback" claims.
The bill is the Executive Compensation Clawback Full Enforcement Act of 2012, to be introduced by Rep.
Clawbacks such as cutting overtime rates and excluding the 300 casual workers from the agreement remain.
These are "restriction" or deferral of equity grants, mandatory clawbacks of bonus pay, and divestment of deferred compensation upon the discovery of malfeasance.