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A sharp, slender, usually curved nail on the toe of an animal.
[L. clavus, a nail]
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1. A sharp, curved, horny structure at the end of a toe of a vertebrate animal.
a. A chela or similar pincerlike structure on the end of a limb of a crustacean or arachnid.
b. One of one or more small curved structures at the tip of an appendage of an invertebrate, especially an insect or other arthropod.
c. A limb terminating in such a structure.
tr. & intr.v. clawed, clawing, claws
To scratch, dig, tear, or pull with the claws or fingernails.

clawed adj.
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When he was jailed for five years, prosecutors hoped to claw back the cash he made from trafficking.
We have plenty of capacity and, linked to high-speed rail, we are uniquely positioned to not only claw back people from our own region, who make the long journey to Heathrow, but to attract passengers from the overheated South-east.
Hopefully come the election we can clear out the whole sorry bunch, elect politicians who will change the law and claw back pay-offs to 'redundant' MPs, reduce excessive pension payments made and prosecute the home flippers.
"Nothing will be paid until and unless performance criteria are achieved and awards are subject to claw back."
Monty swears his Ryder Cup select will claw back a 2.5-1.5 deficit against the Rest of the World and lift the inaugural Goodwill Trophy in Shenzhen.
It was only in the final 100 yards that Mick Kinane on the 3-1 chance began to claw back the deficit and he just got up in the last couple of strides.
NHS bosses are predicting the huge deficit before the end of March - unless they can claw back the money.
The OST credit, the National Child Benefit Supplement have been of value to low income working families but of no value to families dependent upon social assistance because most provinces claw back these amounts when calculating welfare payments.
LeClair says the province's Water Management Planning Strategy represents a "contradiction" to hydro projects in Ontario where Ministry of Energy is championing more hydroelectricity projects, but the Ministry of Natural Resources at the district level is trying to "claw back your energy potential" at the approvals stage.
Even if Valencia fail to win, it seems almost impossible that this Madrid could claw back a four-point deficit in two games.
This is why the Commission has to take action and claw back these misspent EU aids." The mismanagement refers to the period between 1996 and 2000 for hemp, and the years 1996 to 1998 in the flax sector.
Band and provincial governments are allowed to claw back the benefit to women who receive social assistance if they spend the clawed-back money on programs to assist low-income children.