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The triggering characteristics in VR and AR environments considered claustrophobia and some other anxiety disorder-related diseases, such as agoraphobia.
He said doing so allowed him to feel the air coming through the food slot, which helped his claustrophobia.
Many people cannot use the lifts due to claustrophobia and previous bad experiences.
While the experiment, conducted jointly by Russia, China and the European Space Agency, will not involve weightlessness, it will try to tackle some of the psychological challenges of a real flight to Mars _ particularly the stress, claustrophobia and fatigue that a real space crew would face during interplanetary travel.
A HIGH Court case involving a man claiming compensation for claustrophobia was held outdoors.
The son of Riverman reportedly showed ability at home for Luca Cumani, but suffered from such extreme claustrophobia that he was unable to race on the Flat.
With its larger bore size and stronger magnet, the machine is well suited to meet the needs of all MRI patients, but particularly those with special needs such as obesity (up to 550 lbs), claustrophobia and anxiety.
In this little movie with big ideas, the action is confined to the tiny studio at CLSY Radio, in Pontypool, Ontario, and the effect is to successfully create an air of chilling claustrophobia.
Claustrophobia (claws-troh-FOH-be-uh): Fear of being confined in a small space.
The claustrophobia of the square chamber of the badminton court, emphasised by the mono-function of the room through precise rules demarcated on the ground, vanishes when one glimpses the heterogeneous laws of ecology manifest in the image of nature, beckoning us towards the open.
However, an ethereal element lightens the potentially cloying claustrophobia of the crumbling church tower and tunnel.
My balcony has been so wonderful and I really suggest that every building is made to have one otherwise claustrophobia could set in and there could be tall building ill health syndrome.