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 [klaws´trum] (pl. claus´tra) (L.)
the thin layer of gray matter lateral to the external capsule of the lentiform nucleus, separating it from the white matter of the insula.
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Plural of claustrum.
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Joao Lopez pedreiro, Antonio cavouqueiro, Antonio Goncalvez, Goncalo Fernandez carpinteiros item e pedreiros cinquo mil quatrocentos e vinte reis mais aos servidores assi na claustra como na vinha e pumar, quatro mil sete centos e setenta reis a que tudo soma dez mil cento e noveta reis (...) e de oitenta telhoes pera a claustra outo centos reis" (fl.
(94) Paraclete Statutes, nulla presumit claustra monasterii egredi sine harum licentia.
cunctaque claustra maris, spes et metus omnibus esto
She is determined neither to kill her husband nor to let others kill him on her behalf (nec te feriam, neque intra / claustra tenebo, 43-44).
The self-confessed Pink Panther fan named him after the bungling French detective - "because of his dam Claustra, I didn't think we'd get it as I thought the name would be taken" - and then had the misfortune to run into subsequent Champagne Stakes runnerup Alexander Castle at Newcastle second time out.