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001), improved treadmill intermittent claudication distance by 122 m (95% CI, 56-188; P=.
It's still important to walk, even it you have to slowly and gradually build up your claudication distance.
Otherwise, you could start to lose the benefits of walking and return to your previous claudication distance.
Claudication distance increased to 400 metres compared to less than 200 m before treatment.
35) The claudication distance or limit is defined as the distance walked before the patient experiences the symptoms of limb weakness and pain.
The exact mechanisms by which it improves claudication distance are still unknown and additional effects may explain them (45).
The claudication distance (walking distance at which severe claudication occurs) can be used to assess the severity of claudication.
It is the only drug, when given at 50-100 mg twice daily, that has clinically proven benefits in improving claudication distance to date.
Several studies have demonstrated that a supervised exercise rehabilitation program extends absolute claudication distance and improves quality-of-life measures.
The impact of intermittent claudication on patients' mobility is measured both in terms of the distance a patient can walk without pain (initial claudication distance, ICD) and the maximum distance a patient can walk (absolute claudication distance, ACD).