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tr.v. classi·fied, classi·fying, classi·fies
1. To arrange or organize according to class or category.
2. To designate (a document, for example) as confidential, secret, or top secret.

clas′si·fi′a·ble adj.


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Q. How are Heart Murmurs Classified? What are the characteristics of different heart murmurs?

A. Heart murmurs are charachterized by their location, their strength, their timing, whether or not they radiate and so on. For example, this is a sound of a heart murmur compatible with a disease called aortic stenosis-
Notice that the murmur begin with the heart sound and lasts all through the beat.

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Companies shouldn't overly rely on industry practices when classifying workers but should, instead, consider each case individually.
For one thing, classifying so many documents can cheapen the designation.
Once there is at least a framework for classifying data and the different resources that correspond to the tiers, the possibility for real payoff is there.
In general, if a taxpayer has a "reasonable basis" to treat a category of workers as independent contractors for all periods after 1978, and all employment and other Federal tax returns are properly filed consistent with classifying these workers, as independent contractors, the workers are deemed to be independent contractors for employment tax purposes.
Classifying the individual as an independent contractor is supported by judicial precedent, published rulings, a technical advice memorandum issued with respect to the taxpayer, or a letter ruling issued to the taxpayer.
A rapid ramp-up in UNSPSC adoption would help Covisint's trading partners to accurately track and analyze catalog spending by classifying their supplier catalogs into UNSPSC, and thus realize greater, accelerated ROI benefits.
AutoClass is language independent -- for Covisint, Zycus would be classifying supplier catalogs in multiple languages like French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese, which would help Covisint roll out UNSPSC adoption on a global scale.
Mohomine customers recognize improved editorial and IT efficiencies from the automated process of finding, classifying and extracting content found on the Internet, portals, auction sites, intranets or extranets.