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tr.v. classi·fied, classi·fying, classi·fies
1. To arrange or organize according to class or category.
2. To designate (a document, for example) as confidential, secret, or top secret.

clas′si·fi′a·ble adj.


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Q. How are Heart Murmurs Classified? What are the characteristics of different heart murmurs?

A. Heart murmurs are charachterized by their location, their strength, their timing, whether or not they radiate and so on. For example, this is a sound of a heart murmur compatible with a disease called aortic stenosis-
Notice that the murmur begin with the heart sound and lasts all through the beat.

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THERE ARE A NUMBER OF BENEFITS TO THE CONTRACTING party of classifying a worker as an independent contractor, including no medical insurance costs, no need to pay retirement benefits and recordkeeping and other administrative cost savings.
On top of that, Reagan has ordered the delay of a project, begun under President Nixon, of classifying old, irrelevant documents.
Storage subsystems are typically those assets getting the most attention when classifying resources in a tiered data center.
Using software like Autonomy with software like Foremost could completely eliminate the IM professionals' custodial role in classifying and categorizing records.
At no point did the coalition suspect that there was a danger of Nielsen classifying non-black households as black, or non-Spanish speaking households as Hispanic.
Section 530 created a "safe harbor" for taxpayers classifying individuals as independent contractors; if certain requirements are met, an employer may treat an individual as an independent contractor for employment tax purposes without having to resort to an analysis of the 20-factor common-law standard.
Zycus, the leader in Artificial Intelligence driven automated spend analysis and product content management solutions, today announced that Covisint, the global independent ebusiness exchange for the automotive industry, has selected Zycus for automatically classifying catalog content from the suppliers of top automobile companies into UNSPSC, the global product and services classification standard.