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tr.v. classi·fied, classi·fying, classi·fies
1. To arrange or organize according to class or category.
2. To designate (a document, for example) as confidential, secret, or top secret.

clas′si·fi′a·ble adj.


Patient discussion about classify

Q. How are Heart Murmurs Classified? What are the characteristics of different heart murmurs?

A. Heart murmurs are charachterized by their location, their strength, their timing, whether or not they radiate and so on. For example, this is a sound of a heart murmur compatible with a disease called aortic stenosis-
Notice that the murmur begin with the heart sound and lasts all through the beat.

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All classified ads software products can be viewed via instructional videos where customer questions are answered.
AdStar's ad transaction infrastructure powers classified ad sales for more than 40 of the largest newspapers in the United States, CareerBuilder, and a growing number of other online and print media companies.
AdStar's core technology is a classified advertising transaction service that enables newspapers to receive classified ads directly from advertisers around the clock, either online or through other electronic delivery channels and is one of the largest solution providers in the pre-paid and contract classified advertising industry.
Free classified ads will be placed in each week's edition of the newspaper for Scott Countians who are out-of-work or in need of extra income.
The combined entity of Blocket and Finnmer will be the leading site for classified ads on the net in Sweden," Schibsted said.
However, registered employers need to pay for their classified ad placement which gives them access to receive name and contact information for the resumes that match their ad.
Mexican authorities say the newspaper classified ads that narcotraffickers are running to recruit so-called mules are not quite that un-subtle -- not yet anyway.
com)-- Trol24, the worldwide leader free classified ad website, announced today that it has expanded its infrastructure capacity to be to handle up to 200,000,000 visitors per month.
based NAA's annual analysis and roundup of newspaper spending is to note that on-line ad revenue is now roughly equivalent to classified ad revenue category, like "other" classified ad revenue.
While publishers are reporting February results that show across-the-board declines, it is weak classified ad revenue that is showing dramatic gaps.