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tr.v. classi·fied, classi·fying, classi·fies
1. To arrange or organize according to class or category.
2. To designate (a document, for example) as confidential, secret, or top secret.

clas′si·fi′a·ble adj.


Patient discussion about classify

Q. How are Heart Murmurs Classified? What are the characteristics of different heart murmurs?

A. Heart murmurs are charachterized by their location, their strength, their timing, whether or not they radiate and so on. For example, this is a sound of a heart murmur compatible with a disease called aortic stenosis-
Notice that the murmur begin with the heart sound and lasts all through the beat.

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Prior law provided that an LLC was classified as a partnership or a corporation for state tax purposes, consistent with its classification for Federal purposes.
Adding e-commerce capabilities to our online classifieds is part of an innovative online solution we are deploying.
Ask any classified employee, if you dare, ``Where can the district save money?
Tax base/participation in group returns: Consolidated, combined and unitary combined filing groups of affiliated corporations might be disturbed if one of the members of the Federal affiliated or consolidated group is classified and taxed as a separate corporation or partnership at the state or local level.
Classified revenue is critical to newspapers' survival, but free classifieds from sites like Craigslist, combined with classifieds offered by broadcasters and cable companies make it even more difficult for newspapers to maintain their dominance of this category," said Peter M.
Full-time classified employees in the Ventura County Community College District earn $1,497 to $5,210 per month.
iqzone is the next logical step in classified advertising.
The analysis went on to further identify that people between the ages of 25-34, and those in households making at least $100,000 annually, were each 23 percent more likely than average to visit classified sites.
Several of the ads use the headline "There's trust in classified advertising," with the word "trust" set apart in bold graphics.
96875 per share of Series C Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock CUSIP #848497-30-1, traded under the symbol SPKpfC, will be classified for income tax purposes as follows: $1.
The AdPay Classified Network provides the depth and breadth of content that enables participating sites to compete effectively with online pure play solutions.