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tr.v. classi·fied, classi·fying, classi·fies
1. To arrange or organize according to class or category.
2. To designate (a document, for example) as confidential, secret, or top secret.

clas′si·fi′a·ble adj.
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Q. How are Heart Murmurs Classified? What are the characteristics of different heart murmurs?

A. Heart murmurs are charachterized by their location, their strength, their timing, whether or not they radiate and so on. For example, this is a sound of a heart murmur compatible with a disease called aortic stenosis-
Notice that the murmur begin with the heart sound and lasts all through the beat.

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Step four (4): classifying the members of the population (classifiable population) according to their thematic area in the language in which they are written.
To date, about four classifiable systems of plants are documented well in respond to cold i.e., ROS scavenging enzymes, photosystem, sugar and phenylpropanoid metabolisms.
That's why we have the open category and allow some of the (athletes who suffer from) traumatic brain injury and PTSD who may not be severe enough to be classifiable in a Paralympic event.
While no official statistic on national drug usage currently exists, it is thought that between 10,000 and 15,000 people are classifiable as addicted.
So-called corn gluten meal is simply an extract from the corn protein, but it is not glutinous or chemically classifiable as gluten.
Pieces of paper would suffice and would circulate and act as money in any case, and thus also be classifiable as money substitutes.
The agency had to give cellphones one of the five labels - carcinogenic, probably carcinogenic, possibly carcinogenic, not classifiable or not carcinogenic.
* Group 3: not classifiable as to its carcinogenicity to humans
Raymond Brown's notion of all human dynamics being classifiable as variations on the "pimp and ho" model, as described in his book and now this feature co-directed by Brown and William Arntz ("What the Bleep Do We Know!?").
The data shows that the quantity of tyres imported and classifiable under PCT heading 4011 is greater in number than tyres imported under Afghan transit trade.