classical cesarean section

clas·si·cal ce·sar·e·an sec·tion

a cesarean section in which the uterus is entered through a vertical fundal incision.
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Those excluded from the study are Pregnancy with previous cesarean section for recurrent indication, pregnancy with previous 2 or more cesarean section, pregnancy with previous classical cesarean section, twin pregnancy with previous cesarean section.
The category of elective deliveries at less than 39 weeks' gestation excluded cases with medical indications for early delivery, but tracking ran into problems initially because ICD-9 codes did not exist for some exemptions, including prior classical cesarean section or prior myomectomy.
All the women who presented with contra indications to the procedure we reexcluded, Such as fetal heart rate abnormalities, history of vaginal bleeding, especially in the 3rd trimester, life threatening fetal abnormalities, placenta previa, placental abruption, rupture of fetal mem branes, fetal weight restriction, previous classical cesarean section, if amniotic fluid index was less than 5cm, estimated fetal weight exceeding 4kg, uterine mal formations and if the patient is unwilling for ECV despite thorough counseling.
Moreover, it is not always possible to reliably distinguish between a low vertical incision and a classical cesarean section, but it's important.
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