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Max, Austrian anatomist, 1899-1966. See: Clara cell.
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Claro in the Dominican Republic is the mobile brand within the Compania Dominicana de Telefonos, the biggest telecommunications company in the Dominican Republic, and a part of America Movil telecom group, which is the fifth largest mobile phone network operator in the world, with more than 170 million customers.
Claro and Liberty will pay $250 million within 90 days of signing the final contract, with the balance of $20 million to be paid in five years, according to sources at Telefonica CTC.
Claro walnut grows in California, Oregon, and Washington.
With its pure, glass-like finish, the Claro is designed to provide a nearly invisible protective layer around the iPhone's body and features a non-staining exterior finish to resist color staining.
Claro's Managing Partner, Dr Jonathan Coates, says that the development of Clarify was a natural extension of Claro's prevention-ahead-of-cure philosophy and commitment to training and education.
Under the current deal, the product has replaced Claro's in-house, manual tool in Central America, freeing up vital manpower and producing deeper, longer and more personalized relationships with customers.
Osurnia and Claro are FDA-approved prescription drugs used to treat ear infections in dogs.
Since 2008, Claro! has focused on offering a combination of quality service and the latest technology to enable reliable, flexible and proactive customer experiences.
CLaRO's two principal investigators will work together to lead a centre that unites the intellectual and material resources of UM, FIU, and community agencies throughout Miami-Dade to advance health equity for vulnerable Latino groups and advances the science of health disparities.
Se analizo si existian diferencias en las variables entre BNP y claros entre ES y ELL; ademas entre tamanos de claro vs.