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(in chemistry) to clear a turbid liquid by allowing any suspended matter to settle, by adding a substance that precipitates any suspended matter, or by heating. clarification, n.

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Q. Can someone…clarify which is the best and reliable one? Hi I am 23 years woman............ I am confused with the different type of tests and diagnosis my friend is having as she is being suspected for breasts cancer. Can someone…clarify which is the best and reliable one?

A. Please understand that all the tests that are being carried out are reliable and it would entirely depend upon the requirement and treatment stages. They would also depend upon age groups , stages of cancer etc. In general the different types are: clinical breast examination done by the clinicians in a clinic. Mammogram, which are special X-ray to check abnormal growth changes in the breast tissues. Chance of cyst to be confused by breast cancer is resolved by ultrasound. To check if the particular tissue is cancerous is done by breast biopsy.

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The cleanser promotes smooth and clear skin and the consumer will notice an immediate difference when using Clarifying Souffle in the recommended pea-sized amount,” says Boatman.
8) To require interrogators to ask clarifying questions when an ambiguous request for counsel is voiced would obviate the "bright line" effect the Court was aiming for and force officers to "make difficult judgment calls about whether the suspect in fact wants a lawyer even though he hasn't said so, with the threat of suppression if they guess wrong.
10) As a practical matter, however, law enforcement agencies would be wise to continue a policy of encouraging interrogators to ask clarifying questions when a suspect in custody makes an ambiguous request for counsel.
A number of practitioners, taxpayers, and business taxpayer groups, including TEI, have submitted comments on the need for rules clarifying the definition of "plan (or series of related transactions)" under section 355(e).
While those proposed regulations constitute helpful guidance in determining whether NQPS will be treated as "other property" in connection with such transactions, we urge the government to issue additional regulations clarifying when a financial instrument satisfies the definition of NQPS.
It then identifies the key elements of a business relationship and discusses a process for clarifying that relationship.
An amelioratory notice should be issued clarifying that Notice 89-84 does not apply to foreign sales corporations.
The Murad acne system consists of six products: Clarifying Skin Cleanser, Acne Prone Skin Formula, Skin Perfecting Lotion, Acne Management Formula, Clarifying Masque and Pure Skin(R) Skin Clarifying Supplement.
19, 1998--PopTop Software today issued a statement clarifying PopTop and President Phil Steinmeyer's involvement with Heroes of Might and Magic.
The company is clarifying certain points with respect to its 10-K Report for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1995:
The agreement encompasses changes in the Copyright Law, clarifying which types of businesses are eligible for exemption from music licensing liability for the performance of music over radio and television.